Home Window Repair

Window glass could break at any time, which could leave your home vulnerable. Glass Doctor® of Morehead City, NC provides emergency glass repair services to help keep your building safe. We follow all industry best practices to complete your window repair or replacement in a swift and courteous manner. Our service professionals complete jobs at a time that works well for you.

Window Repair

Emergency Window Glass Repairs

Your home or business' safety is one of our top priorities. No matter what time you call, our service professionals arrive ready to help re-establish your building's security. If we need to order a pane, we can board up the window and clean up any glass or wood shards from the area. Then we'll make a follow-up appointment to provide you with a permanent solution.

Double Pane Window Glass Repair

Broken or stressed seals on double pane windows could result in condensation between the glass panes. This creates a foggy or dirty appearance that may diminish your home's curb appeal, but more importantly, it can reduce the insulating power of your windows. We repair windows that show seal stress. To reduce the overall cost while restoring your window, our team can replace only the panes when applicable.

Specialty Glass Repair

We do more than window glass repair. We also install, repair, and replace glass decor throughout your home or business. This includes garage door windows, mirrors, patio and entry doors cabinets, and other decor.

Window Glass Replacement

If you need to replace an entire window, our service professionals can help you choose the right window for you. We specialize in insulated glass units (IGUs) such as double and triple-pane windows.


IGUs and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows help make your windows more efficient, which could result in greater comfort, decreased noise pollution, and even a possible lower energy bill. Our glass experts replace worn out, old windows with new, more advanced models that can help increase the comfort and possibly the value of your home.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

A single application of hydrophobic coating glass treatment can help protect your glass from scratches and stains. Your windows should better resist dirt buildup from mineral deposits, hard water, environmental pollutants, and weathering. Hydrophobic glass protectant even works on tile, granite, and porcelain, making these surfaces easier to clean.

Window Component Repair

If your window is difficult to open, our service professionals can help fix its locking mechanism. Contact us to inquire about repair options for sash locks, balances, and tilt latches.

Gain the Advantage

Our Advantage Plan® provides you with special service and savings, including priority scheduling and a free home inspection. We offer Advantage Plan members discounts on future repairs and services, and we also provide you with a breakage guarantee for as long as your membership lasts.

Enjoy Professional Glass Care

Don't delay glass care; trust Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC team members to deliver quality glass pieces and services. Contact us today to take the first steps toward possibly slashing your energy bills and helping your home look its best.