Replacing Window Pane in Door

Replacing a window pane in your door can be a dangerous task to take on all by yourself. It’s important to have all of your materials handy and take your time carefully handling the glass.

For these types of difficult jobs, it’s better to have an expert handle the window replacement. Give the experts at Glass Doctor® a call at 855-603-1919.

Preparing to Replace a Window Pane in a Door

Replacing a window pane in your door requires careful attention. If you don’t feel confident in your glass repair skills, remember that Glass Doctor provides window repair and replacement services. If you choose to replace a window pane in your door yourself, these are the materials you will need:

  • Putty knife or scraper
  • Safety gloves and glasses
  • Razor blade scraper
  • Glazing compound (if window pane is glazed)
  • Chisel
  • Heat gun
  • Paint

Here are a few ways to tell if a door window pane replacement is necessary:

How to Replace a Window Pane

If you’re attempting to replace a window pane by yourself, follow these steps to replace a single pane of glass. Remember to take safety precautions when replacing a window pane.

  1. Order the replacement pane. Most buildings require safety glass in entry doors because it helps to prevent injuries if the pane is broken. Measure the broken pane of glass beyond the molding stops that help to hold the glass in place. Then subtract 1/8″ to allow for the new glass to expand in the door when it heats up. This is the size glass pane your should order from a hardware store or glass maker.
  2. Carefully remove broken glass pieces. You can put painters’ tape on the backside of the broken pane to hold broken pieces together. Always wear safety gloves and glasses to protect yourself from broken glass.
  3. Use a razor knife to cut free the molding surrounding the pane. Carefully pry the molding free with a putty knife without breaking the molding.
  4. Insert the new pane of glass. After you insert the pane, replace the molding.
  5. Apply a bead of caulk all around the edges of molding. Your door is now ready for painting.

How to Glaze a Window Pane

If your window pane is glazed, follow steps 1 and 2 above, and then use the following steps.

  1. Use a heat gun to soften old glaze. You can then scrape old glaze off with a painters’ knife.
  2. Insert new pane of glass.
  3. Apply glazing compound with a putty knife.
  4. Scrape excess glazing compound from window pane. Glazed window pane is now ready for paint.

Replace Your Door Window Pane with Glass Doctor

While these steps may seem fairly easy to do yourself, it can be a complicated process. Call Glass Doctor at 855-603-1919 for an in-home consultation and quote. Our glass specialists will replace the window pane in your door correctly, safely, and at an affordable price.



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