How to Remove Glass from Wall

Removing glass from your wall may seem like a simple process, but it can be quite difficult—and dangerous—if you don’t have the proper safety knowledge.

Keep reading to learn how to safely remove or install a glass mirror from your wall as well as when you should call in a professional for assistance.

How to Remove Glass from Your Wall

Removing glass from your wall is typically a two-person job and should not be attempted on your own. If you feel comfortable removing smaller glass panels from your wall, follow these steps:

  1. Cover the front of the glass panel with wide packing tape or painter’s tape—This adds an extra layer of protection when removing the mirror and prevents it from cracking or shattering.
  2. Unwrap a piece of piano wire from its roll to break up the adhesive behind the glass—Another alternative to piano wire is cutout wire (used in automotive repair). Make sure the wire is long enough to span the entire length of the glass panel.
  3. Slide the piano wire behind the glass plate—Hold each end of the piano wire behind the glass and gently move it back and forth, keeping the wire as close to the wall as possible. If the glass panel is larger, have another person hold the other end of the wire.
  4. Support the glass panel from falling—As you continue to work your way toward the bottom of the glass piece, have another person hold the top of the glass so it doesn’t fall and shatter.
  5. Remove the panel from the wall—When the glass panel is free of the wall adhesive, carefully carry it out of the room and place it in a safe position to prevent breakage.

If you feel like this process is too difficult to handle on your own, call a professional to remove the glass from your wall.


Custom Glass Solutions at Glass Doctor

Our certified professionals specialize in creating custom glass solutions for your home. Some of the solutions we offer for your walls include:

  • Glass Shelves—These pieces work especially well in areas with more moisture, such as your bathroom. They are a sleek addition to any space and are extremely easy to clean.
  • Custom Mirrors—We create mirrors that open up a space and increase the natural lighting in a room. We offer a variety of mirrors, including mirrored backsplashes, statement mirrors and hanging mirrors.

Why Glass Doctor?

In addition to our years of experience, Glass Doctor® professionals also offer:

  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing with no overtime fees
  • Flexible scheduling for appointments and consultations
  • Emergency repair and replacement services, 24/7
  • Excellent customer service throughout the entire process

Call Glass Doctor to Remove Glass from Your Wall Today

If you want to remove glass from your wall, call the certified professionals at Glass Doctor. We will remove any type of glass from your wall and install a new, custom glass piece.

Schedule an in-home consultation today at 855-603-1919.





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