How to Keep House Windows from Fogging Up

If your windows are continuously fogging up, your window may have a damaged or broken seal. This problem can cause water damage, mold growth and floor stains, so it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your house windows from fogging up and what you can do to fix the issue.

How to Prevent House Windows from Fogging Up

To prevent your house windows from fogging up, try these methods:

  • Use a dehumidifier—This quiet and energy-efficient system will remove moisture from the air and prevent condensation on your windows.
  • Buy a window film kit—When applied to your windows, this film can keep glass surfaces free from condensation by blocking warm indoor air from reaching the cold glass.
  • Turn fans on—Try to turn fans on, even in the winter, to disrupt the warm indoor air from sticking to your windows.

While these solutions may keep your house windows from fogging up temporarily, a more permanent solution would be to replace your window panes.

Why Are My Windows Foggy?

Your windows may be foggy due to extreme temperatures between the indoors and outdoors, an excess of plants around your home or a broken window seal (in double-pane windows).

When your window seal breaks, moisture begins to form between the panes, giving your windows a milky, foggy look.

What Causes a Seal to Break?

Other than old age, there are two additional factors that affect seal breakage:

  1. Water retention in the frame or improper drainage around the window
  2. Direct exposure to sunlight—the more sun your window gets, the more heat will build up, causing the panes to expand, contract and eventually weaken

How Do Double-Pane Windows Work?

For the most part, double-pane windows, or insulated glass units, work extremely well. They handle all types of weather and do a great job of retaining heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.

There is an insulating airspace in between the glass panels that maintains a consistent temperature and reduces heat loss.

Most modern windows have two seals: an inner seal to protect against moisture and corrosion and an outer seal to protect the strength of the window. The seals hold a spacer in place—usually a tube containing water-absorbing chemicals.

When one seal begins to break, the other seal can last for a little while. However, as the window ages its components begin to break down, causing both seals to wear out and condensation to form. When this occurs, it is probably a good time for a window pane replacement.

Here are some other reasons to replace your windows:

Prevent Your House Windows from Fogging Up with Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor has years of experience also replacing single panes in a double-pane window unit. Contact us today so we can install your new window and keep your windows from fogging up.

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