Shower Glass Panel Installation

Glass shower doors make small bathrooms look larger and protect bathroom floors from moisture. Many homeowners who purchase new shower glass panels are left wondering whether they should try installing the glass themselves or seek out the help of a professional.

Glass Doctor® is here to guide you through the shower glass panel installation process and also to give you the information you need to have local professionals install it safely for you.

Need help installing glass panels in your shower? Skip the DIY solution and call (833) 365-2927 for expert shower glass panel installation services from your local Glass Doctor.

Why Choose Shower Glass Panels?

Installing glass shower doors is a quick and effective way to modernize your bathroom. By removing your shower curtain and adding shower glass panels, you create an entirely new look. Modern bathrooms feature openness, and glass doors create this effect.

How to Install a Walk-in Shower Glass Panel

Shower glass panels can be difficult to install, so follow these steps closely:

  1. Build a Template for Your Glass
    Use a tape measure to carefully measure the panel area. Additionally, consider cutting a large piece of carboard or plywood to make a template for the glass. This will help you to visualize the future glass panel.
  2. Buy or Cut Metal Channels
    Metal channels will secure the glass panel in place. Measure the opening again to ensure you have the exact dimensions for the channels. Purchase channels with your pre-cut glass.
  3. Mount the Metal Channels
    Once you have the metal channels, you will need to secure them to the wall. Using a drill, make holes in the metal channels so they can be secured to the wall. You may need to use a special drill bit if you are inserting the screws into porcelain tile or granite.
  4. Place Shower Glass in Channels
    Once the metal channels are installed, apply clear silicone in the channels and carefully slide the shower glass panel in. This will secure the glass into the channel and allow your glass to be secure.

Custom Shower Glass Panels and More from Glass Doctor

Ultimately, installing glass shower panels, especially frameless ones, can be a hefty task. The job requires precise measurement, installation of channels, special tools and at least one helper. And if done incorrectly, the panels may leak, causing bathroom water damage.

Luckily, your local Glass Doctor is ready to exceed your shower door installation expectations. When you schedule an in-home consultation, you can expect the service professional to evaluate the bathroom area, take precise measurements, and schedule a future appointment to install the custom shower glass panels of your choice.

Custom Shower Glass Panels and Glass Shower Doors Near Me

Trust the professionals at Glass Doctor with all your shower glass panel service and installation needs. From traditional glass showers to modern frameless designs, custom glass solutions from Glass Doctor will truly upgrade your home. Give us a call today at (833) 365-2927 or schedule an appointment to get started.

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