Install a Glass Shower Wall

If you’re looking to install a glass shower wall, consider calling the experts at Glass Doctor®. Our certified professionals will upgrade your shower area by providing sleek, design options that create an illusion of extra space and update the look of your existing bathroom.

Schedule an in-home consultation with a Glass Doctor specialist today by calling (855) 603-1919.

Custom Glass Shower Walls from Glass Doctor

Not only are glass shower enclosures easy to clean and maintain, but they are also more hygienic than a shower curtain. Additionally, they provide a feeling of openness for smaller, cramped bathrooms.

Explore some of our bathroom remodeling ideas and browse our gallery of custom glass shower enclosures to find design inspiration. You should also refer to online design sites like Pinterest to get an idea of what you want your glass shower wall to look like before a consultation with one of our professionals.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Glass Shower Wall

Before installing your glass shower wall, our experts will take these four factors into consideration:

  1. Layout of your space—Our team customizes each glass piece based on the configuration of your space, so we’ll help you determine if a glass shower wall is possible in your bathroom.
  2. Building materials—The makeup of your walls will affect the maximum weight that can be supported by your new fixture.
  3. Proper ventilation—Ensuring proper ventilation in your bathroom is crucial to prevent mold and mildew from forming. We can discuss whether a ventilation kit needs to be installed.
  4. Additional shower fixtures—Accessories like shower seats and detachable shower heads can improve the functionality of your shower enclosure and ensure water containment.

What Does the Installation Process Look Like?

When you schedule a consultation with Glass Doctor, we take the necessary measurements of your bathroom space, discuss design options and budget, and figure out where you want your glass shower wall to be located within your bathroom.

Within 24 hours of our visit, we will provide an upfront, flat-rate quote and schedule a follow-up appointment to complete the glass shower wall installation.

Take a look at a more detailed explanation of what to expect during a shower renovation:

Why Glass Doctor?

Here are four reasons you should choose the professionals at Glass Doctor to install your glass shower wall:

1. Speciality Products—We specialize in custom-crafted glass products, so we will create your shower wall according to your design preferences. Here are some of the glass options we provide:

  • Textured glass for a unique, detailed look
  • Tempered glass for additional strength and protection
  • Etched or frosted glass for additional privacy without sacrificing light transmission

2. In-Home Consultations—Our experts provide in-home consultations where a glass specialist will discuss the design and placement of your glass shower wall. We’ll take all of the measurements we need and give you an estimate for the creation and installation of the finished product.

3. Affordable Pricing—We offer flat-rate, up-front pricing with no overtime fees or charges, guaranteeing quality craftsmanship.

4. Years of Experience—Glass Doctor has been in the business of designing, cutting and installing glass shower doors for over 50 years.

Install a Glass Shower Wall with Glass Doctor

Let our glass experts install the perfect glass shower wall for your custom bathroom. Call Glass Doctor at (855) 603-1919 and get started on your bathroom remodeling project today.





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