Upgrade Your Bathroom With a Half Wall Shower Enclosure

Glass half walls make small rooms feel larger by improving lines of sight and allowing more light into the space. Glass half walls can be utilized in a variety of ways, from room dividers to a shower half wall with glass.

Bathrooms are ideal locations for half walls of any style.

Read on to learn more about glass half walls and how your local Glass Doctor® helps you make your bathroom glass half wall installation a reality.

First, What Is a Glass Half Wall?

The most common type of glass half wall is one built of standard construction materials, like wood framing and drywall. The standard portion of the wall is typically 3-4 feet tall. From the 3-4-foot mark, the wall continues with a glass panel that may extend to any height up to the ceiling. These types of glass half walls are often used to construct shower enclosures.

Glass half walls may also be constructed as a literal half wall made from a pane of glass. The glass pane is affixed to the floor. These types of glass half walls are more commonly used as room dividers or, in some cases, bathtub enclosures.

In either case, glass half walls are typically constructed with safety or tempered glass, are custom cut to size, and can be made of textured, patterned or colored glass.

Why Choose a Half Wall Shower Enclosure?

One way to create “spa appeal” in your bathroom is to give the bathroom a lighter and brighter look. A half wall shower enclosure allows more light into a shower while still providing some privacy and keeping water inside your shower enclosure. Shower half walls with glass tops are a popular choice for steam showers.

A custom half wall shower enclosure from Glass Doctor eliminates the hassle of maintaining shower curtains, which often collect moisture and mold. Further, a new half wall shower enclosure is less expensive than installing a full glass shower enclosure or renovating an entire bathroom.

Choose Glass Doctor to Construct Your Shower Half Wall with Glass

At Glass Doctor, we believe your bathroom should be your oasis. If your bathroom is old, dark, dingy or feels small, consider a bathroom renovation and a new glass half wall. Our local technicians offer in-home consultations, offer advice and design tips, and professionally size, order and install your future half wall shower enclosure.

Let Glass Doctor fix your bathroom panes with a new glass half wall. Schedule an appointment online to get started or call 833-974-0209 today.

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