Wall-to-Wall Mirror Installation

Adding large mirrors or wall-to-wall mirrors in your home can make your space look bigger and increase overall room appeal. However, installing a large mirror by yourself can be difficult and even risky.

Read on to learn why installing a large or wall-to-wall mirror may be difficult and how Glass Doctor® can be of service.

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Risks of Installing Your Own Large Mirror

Installing a wall-to-wall mirror in your home gym or bathroom is riskier than you may think. Before undertaking a dangerous DIY project it’s important to understand the risk. Homeowners who install large mirrors on their own often experience:

  • Broken or damaged mirrors
  • Damaged walls
  • Personal injury

Further, many homeowners don't own the tools required to complete the job safely. Meaning, there's an extra cost involved to purchase tools or safety equipment – something your local Glass Doctor already owns and knows how to use!

How to Hang a Large Mirror

Hanging a large mirror has its risks, but if you’re curious what the installation process would look like, here are the steps for wall-to-wall mirror installation. Keep in mind that additional steps may be required, such as installing frame hardware if there isn’t any already.

How to hang a large mirror:

  1. Prepare the Wall
    On the wall you will be hanging the large mirror, locate the studs and properly mark them. If you’re using screws or nails to hang the mirror instead of an adhesive, make sure the mirror has the support of studs behind it. You should also consider adding bumpers to the back of the mirror to prevent the mirror from scratching the wall. Make sure to always enlist help when hanging your mirror.
  2. Check Your Mirror Hardware
    Make sure you are aware of the hardware currently on your mirror. If there isn’t any hardware, you will need to install hardware before hanging. Below are the options to consider when hanging your mirror.
    • When Using an Adhesive
      Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, you may be able to use an extra-strength adhesive to secure the mirror to the wall.
    • When Using Screws or French Cleat Brackets
      If you do not wish to use an adhesive, you can use screws or a French cleat bracket to secure the mirror to the wall. This also makes it easier for the mirror to be removed and re-positioned, if needed.
  3. Hang the Mirror
    Grab the tools necessary that correlate with the type of hardware you have selected and get started hanging your mirror. Make sure you have assistance through the whole process to prevent dropping or breaking the mirror that could cause personal injury.

Glass Doctor Mirror Installation Services

If you’re searching for professional installation services, Glass Doctor is here to help with your large mirror or wall-to-wall mirror installation. In additional to large-format mirror installation, your local Glass Doctor specialists can custom-cut mirrors for your home.

When you schedule an in-home consultation, our glass experts work with you to design and measure the perfect mirror solution anywhere in your home. Once we’ve created your unique order, we professionally handle, install and maintain your new wall-mounted mirror.

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