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Two-way mirrors, also referred to as one-way mirrors, are types of glass typically used for security and privacy purposes for businesses. Although the possibilities don’t stop there, one-way windows are also an option, and they are particularly useful in bathrooms that may need more seclusion. This complex mirrored glass is unique, and only available through a select number of glass companies. Read more to figure out how these mirrors work, and where you can purchase this type of glass.

How Do One-Way Mirrors Work?

Originally called transparent mirrors, one-way mirrors are made when a thin metallic, reflective coating has been applied all over the glass. This thin coating is referred to as a half-silvered surface because the reflective molecules in the coating make the mirror half opaque. The half-silvered surface makes it so if lighting hits the mirror, half the light is reflected back and half shines through.

Because of this, no true one-way mirror exists. In order for one-way mirrors to work effectively, one side of the mirror must be brightly lit and the other side must be dim or dark. To ensure that your one-way mirror provides the utmost privacy, contact our Glass Doctor® experts who can:

  • Verify the amount of light on the mirrored side of the glass is at least twice as bright as the transparent side
  • Strengthen the mirror by tempering the one-way glass
  • Add tinted glass to increase privacy
  • Offer different glass thickness ranges, which are narrower than acrylic options for one-way glass

Glass Doctor specializes in repairing, replacing, and maintaining glass for homes and businesses across the United States and Canada. If you’re looking for glass and mirror solutions, including one-way mirror glass, you will enjoy our Commercial Care program. This program gives businesses the following benefits:

  • Priority after-hour correspondence
  • Discounts on emergency services
  • Membership pricing on all our services

We use the highest quality glass when creating the perfect glass and mirror solution, and our specialists are trained and certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) to properly handle, install, and inspect all types of glass.

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