How to Repair Mirror Scratches | A Guide

A scratched mirror doesn’t necessarily mean a ruined mirror. Though scratches are ugly, it is possible to restore your mirror’s surface to its former condition. Here are some tips on how to repair your scratched mirror and advice on when to call in professional assistance.

Quick & Easy Home Remedies for Repairing a Scratched Mirror

A scratched mirror can affect the aesthetic appeal of a room. Though light scratches can be fixed with home remedies, larger scratches may lead to cracks and should be repaired immediately. Here are some common household repair methods that may be helpful:

  • Rub the mirror with toothpaste. The abrasive ingredients in toothpaste can occasionally polish out scratches. Use traditional toothpaste instead of a gel.
  • Apply a jewelry-polishing compound (cerium oxide). This ingredient is sometimes effective in restoring a mirror’s shine. Mix it with water and apply it to the mirror.
  • Try clear nail polish. Sometimes nail polish can cover deeper scratches. Add a layer, wipe away the excess and see if the scratch is less noticeable. If you can still see it, try another layer.
  • Use a mustard/vinegar paste. If you’ve got dry mustard and white vinegar in your pantry, combine it and spread the paste mixture on the mirror.

In need of a car mirror scratch remover instead of an indoor mirror solution? These DIY techniques aren’t just for your household mirrors—they’re also the best tips for fixing car mirror scratches. Visibility through your side and rearview mirrors is essential for safe driving, so it’s beneficial to know how to remove scratches from car mirrors with items found inside your own house.

While these home remedies can temporarily fix a scratch, they won’t be able to repair major cracks. In this case, it’s always a good idea to let a professional take a look at the damaged glass.

Removing Deep Scratches: When DIY Just Won’t Do

Sometimes a mirror is damaged so badly that you won’t be able to fix it yourself. When this happens, call in a professional to assess the situation. From mirror scratch repair to designing custom replacements, Glass Doctor® will make your home decor shine again.

Why Glass Doctor?

With more than 50 years in business, Glass Doctor is the go-to source for mirror and glass repair services. We offer:

  • Upfront pricing, so you always know what you’re paying for
  • Fast, friendly service from uniformed professionals
  • In-home consultation with certified glass experts
  • Scheduled appointment times that work around your schedule

Experience and knowledge makes Glass Doctor the answer for mirror scratch repair or any home glass project. From exterior windows and glass shower doors to custom shelves, tabletops and mirrors, Glass Doctor has six decades of experience repairing and replacing glass. We also offer replacement glass for chipped, cracked or broken mirrors for your home or car.

Schedule an Appointment with Glass Doctor

If these at-home tips don’t fix a mirror in your home or vehicle, call us at (855) 603-1919, and we’ll help restore your scratched mirror today.




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