Mirror and Glass Repair | Replacement Window Consultation

Glass Doctor® is the local mirror and glass repair team you can trust. We’re the go-to choice for anything glass in your home—custom mirrors, tabletops and showers, along with offering replacement window consultation and door repair.

Take advantage of our free in-home consultation and the expertise of our glass experts. From taking measurements to cutting, edging and installation, we’re your top pick for glass repair. Call us at 855-603-1919 to schedule an appointment today.

Glass Replacement Consultation with Glass Doctor

Did a soccer ball hit your sliding glass door? Weed eater kick up a rock against your window pane? Your local glass experts are just a phone call away. Our Glass Doctor pros offer free in-home consultations for any type of glass and will work with you to schedule an appointment and repair your glass.

Glass Repair Experts

At Glass Doctor, we always evaluate whether your glass needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairing glass will save you a lot more money than replacing the entire structure. Here is what to expect when you call us to make glass repairs:

  1. A certified professional comes to your home, evaluates what needs to be done, and takes any necessary measurements.
  2. After you approve our quote, we make an appointment to repair your glass.
  3. We install the glass and leave your home looking better than it did when we first arrived.

We always try to fix the glass first instead of replacing it, which is more affordable than you might think. Call us today for a free in-home consultation.

Repair for All Types of Glass

We’ve got a lot more to offer than window repairs. We cater to all of your home glass needs.

Emergency Services

We do have 24/7 services in the event of an emergency. Members of our Advantage Plan receive prioritized repair scheduling after storms or natural disasters. We’ll work with your insurance company to protect your house from all kinds of weather until the glass is installed.

Custom Glass Mirrors

Our glass experts cut mirrors to size to fit an antique frame or wall in your home. We’re bonded, insured and always make sure that whatever glass we repair is properly supported.

Double-Pane Windows

We’re big fans of insulated glass windows, or double-paned glass that is spaced and sealed to hold an insulating air pocket. We repair panes if one them gets cracked or broken.

Glass Showers

Repairing or replacing your shower has the the biggest impact on your bathroom. We’ll come and assess your shower’s configuration, supports and ventilation. Glass Doctor will make sure your finished shower is beautiful and up to code.

Glass Dining Tables

If you have cracks in your glass dining table, we can make the necessary repairs to make it a centerpiece that shows off the surrounding chairs and accessories. We also repair glass desktops and tabletops to make sure your fine wood furniture is safe and secure.

Repairing Damaged Seals

Our certified professionals also repair broken window seals. If you’ve got milky, foggy glass, condensation is forming on the panes. The moisture can affect the other pane or the window sash, leading to necessary repairs.


Call Glass Doctor to Schedule an In-Home Consultation

No matter what type of mirror and glass repair you need—replacement glass for a French door, a window repair consultation, mirrored shelves or glass sidelights for the front door—our certified professionals can do it. Call us at 855-603-1919 today.



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