Replacement Glass | Custom End Tables

Finding the right replacement glass for your end table doesn’t have to be difficult. With so many color, shape and material options to choose from, a good glazier will help you turn your end table into a real conversation piece. At Glass Doctor®, we’d like you to consider the following before purchasing your end table glass replacement.

Safety First: Replacing End Table Glass

Before you purchase the replacement glass top for your end table, it’s best to consult your glazier about options and safety concerns.

If you have kids or pets in the house, a round edge will help to reduce painful accidents and injuries. Tempered and laminated glass is highly durable and less likely to break. Glass with a surface area over 30” typically needs to be tempered to reduce the risk of breaking.

Lamps and End Tables for Your Home Decor

Consider what you’re going to put on top of the end table. Lamps will reflect light in unique ways depending on the type of glass surface. A mirror top could certainly increase brightness. Consult your glazier to find out how different shades could change up the room.

Other benefits of glass-top end tables:

  • Glass table tops are easy to clean and will liven up any room.
  • Glass table tops will add gloss and shine to your end table.
  • A custom top is a great conversation piece.
  • Light reflects off a glass top, adding more depth and brightness to your surroundings.

Custom Options

We can form fit your replacement glass to an existing frame or design a unique shape to make your end table stand out. Think about custom options, such as edging (bevel, wave, round), flat polished glasses and how thick you’d like your glass to be.

We’ll Come to You to Replace Your End Table Glass

We offer in-home consultations where we can take measurements and discuss your custom options.

Since 1962, our Glass Doctor glaziers have been offering complete glass repair, replacement and services at more than 270 locations across the United States. Contact our Glass Doctor professionals today and schedule your consultation by calling 800-603-1919. We can go over edge work detail, thickness, safety issues and other options related to replacement glass for your end table.