DIY Patio Table Glass Replacement Ideas

If your glass tabletop is broken, there are many replacement ideas for patio table glass that can keep outdoor furniture functioning and appealing. Whether you’re replacing the original glass or just want to upgrade to a newer table, here are some tips to prolong the life of your patio table.

DIY Patio Furniture Glass Replacement

Regardless of why you want to replace your patio table, there is hope for those looking to avoid replacing expensive outdoor furniture. Here are a couple ideas for homeowners looking to update the look of their patio table tops:

  • Use your existing table—Returning a patio table to its original state may be more cost effective than replacing the entire patio set. Most homeowners may not realize that finding an exact replacement for patio table glass is simple. Custom glass pieces can be cut to fit any table size. Simply measure the size and shape of the table top and order a replacement that is an exact fit.
  • Think outside of the box—One idea for patio glass replacement is to get creative. There are materials that make excellent table tops, from tile pieces to mirrors and stone. For the do-it-yourself decorator, old table frames allow for endless creative possibilities.

Customized Glass Solutions at Glass Doctor

The experts at Glass Doctor® will meet with you and customize a replacement glass piece for your patio table. They will create an exact replica of your table’s original glass or they will help you select custom-cut glass for a new design. Furthermore, they’ll offer special safety glass options, like tempered or laminated glass, to avoid future glass breakage.

When you schedule an appointment, our certified professionals will come to your home and provide a free, professional consultation, giving you a quote within 24 hours.

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