Unique Glass Table Pieces for Your Home

Create an open and stylish look for your living or dining room with a custom glass table piece from Glass Doctor®. Our unique design solutions use only the highest quality glass, and are custom-made to your exact specification. Give us a call at (855) 603-1919 to schedule an in-home consultation today.

Furniture Design with Glass Pieces

Using a glass table as the centerpiece of your living room or dining room introduces a modern flair to your home unlike any other decor. A glass tabletop above an existing table or have it stand on its own, glass creates a sense of openness and depth in any room of your home.

The benefits of having a glass table piece in your home include:

  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Versatility with your home’s current decor
  • Making rooms appear larger and more airy
  • Protection of antique wood or an existing wooden table from damage or stains
  • Showing off a unique base or fun rug under the table

No matter your reasons, Glass Doctor will create the perfect glass tabletop piece for your home.

Create a Glass Table Piece with Glass Doctor

During your in-home consultation, you’ll meet with a Glass Doctor specialist who will design, measure, install and maintain your beautiful new glass piece. We’ll determine the details, including shape, size, type of glass and finished edge profile of your new custom glass tabletop.

In no time, your new glass table piece will be ready for installation!

Our specialists are trained and certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) to handle, install and maintain all types of glass. No matter how unique your new glass piece is, we’ll make sure it’s delivered carefully and installed professionally.

When you’re ready to create the perfect glass table piece for your home, give us a call at (855) 603-1919.



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