Cost to Install a Sliding Glass Door

If you’re considering installing a sliding glass door in your home, call the experts at Glass Doctor®. While you may think installing a sliding glass door is easy, the project is quite difficult without the proper tools and knowledge.

Avoid potential injuries and save time and money by letting our glass experts complete the job for you. Schedule an in-home consultation today at 855-603-1919.

What to Consider Before Installing a Sliding Glass Door

Before installing a sliding glass door, you’ll want to consider important factors like size, safety and energy efficiency.

Our glass specialists may recommend tempered glass, which is safer than regular plate glass. Rather than shattering into sharp, jagged pieces, tempered glass will break into rounded pieces that aren’t as harmful. Many building codes now require tempered glass to be used in sliding glass doors, so be sure to check your state’s building codes.

By focusing on energy efficiency, you have the potential to lower energy costs and improve insulation. We may recommend low-emissivity (Low-E) or insulated glass units (IGU).

These types of glass help block harmful UV-rays from damaging the interior of your home, as well as help insulate your home from extreme temperatures. What’s great is that they still allow plenty of natural light to flow into your home, as well as give you a nice, clear view of your patio, lawn, or garden.

Cost of Installing a Sliding Glass Door

The cost to install a sliding patio door will depend on location, material, size of the glass, finish quality and labor rate. 

However, the professionals at Glass Doctor make it as affordable as possible to install one of these doors in your home.

How to Install a Sliding Glass Door

There are many DIY guides that could teach you how to install a sliding glass door in your home, but the level of difficulty and amount of care that go into installing a large piece of glass is not something that should be handled by an untrained individual.

Should your newly purchased glass piece break, you’ll have to deal with sharp, broken glass around your home. Even when handled carefully, these pieces of glass can cause serious injury.

For professional quality work, let our professionals complete the installation for you. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule an in-home consultation with us:

  1. A Glass Doctor expert will come to your home, assess the space, take any necessary measurements and discuss your budget.
  2. We will provide you with an upfront quote for the installation.
  3. Once you approve the quote, we will schedule a time to come back and complete the project.
  4. During the installation, our experts will position the doors in the correct position and ensure they fit properly.
  5. After we install the sliding glass doors, we make sure the area is clean and provide you with tips on how to maintain your new doors.

Why Glass Doctor?

When you work with a Glass Doctor specialist, we’ll customize the perfect glass enclosure for your home—whether that be a patio door or another sliding glass door. Our experts are trained by the National Glass Association (NGA) to understand the art of glass handling, installation and maintenance.

Additionally, we provide the following benefits:

  • 24/7 emergency repair and replacement services
  • Upfront pricing
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Flexible appointment scheduling

Install Your Sliding Glass Door with Glass Doctor

No matter what type of sliding glass door you want in your home, the experts at Glass Doctor will help you out. Schedule an appointment with us today at (855) 603-1919 and let us install your new sliding glass door.




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