A Guide to Buying Patio Doors

Hoping to connect the indoors with the outside by getting sliding patio doors? This design option is a great way to bring more light into your home, make your space more inviting, and show off a thriving lawn or garden. Find out what to look for to determine which sliding patio doors are best for your home.

If you’re looking to install a sliding patio door, there are many options to consider. Do you want doors that are energy efficient? What material do you want to use for the door frame? Wood, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum each have their benefits. Read more to figure out which patio door is best for your home.

Which Patio Door Material Do You Prefer?

  • Wood—Elegant, traditional style, more expensive relative to other materials
  • Vinyl—Inexpensive and cost-efficient, but extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks
  • Fiberglass—Can look like wood without the drawbacks

If you’re looking for a less expensive patio door, vinyl or fiberglass would work well.

French Door vs. Sliding Door

Another decision you’ll have to make when finding the perfect patio door is whether you want sliding doors or French doors.

Advantages of Sliding Doors

  • Doesn’t take up any space inside or outside the room, unlike doors that open into the house
  • Easier to adjust than French doors
  • Modern, contemporary look
  • Usually less expensive than French doors
  • Multipoint locking system makes them much more secure than they used to be

If you need an extra large opening for moving furniture or hosting parties, this style isn’t ideal. Check out other differences between sliding and French doors.