How to Get Ice Off Windshield Fast

When you’re in a hurry, removing ice off your windshield with just a scraper can be a frustrating and time-consuming task.

Keep reading for three different techniques on how to get ice off of your windshield quickly and efficiently, and learn who to call in the event that your windshield cracks.

Three Ways to Get Ice Off Your Windshield

Here are a few ways to defrost your windshield, regardless of a light dusting of snow or thick ice.

1. Scrape Frost with a Credit Card

Start your engine to warm up the interior of your car. Using an old credit card, begin scraping the light frost at a 30-degree angle.

Work from the bottom up since the defroster will loosen up frost at the bottom of the windshield first.

2. Use a De-Icer Spray

Quickly thaw a light coating of ice or soften a thicker coat of snow with a de-icer spray. While there are products sold online, and at auto shops, you can make your own deicer spray at home.

Mix three parts vinegar and one part water or two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle.

Turn on your car so the defroster can start warming up the inside of the vehicle. Spray your windshield with the solution and wait 15 to 30 seconds while the ice softens and melts.

Using a snow brush, wipe the remaining ice off of the windshield.

3. Pour Warm Water on Your Car

Fill a bucket with warm water and make sure it’s not boiling—extremely hot water can damage your windshield.

Pour the water on your windshield from the top down. The ice will melt almost immediately.

Windshield Repair and Replacement with Glass Doctor

If you use hot water to get ice off your windshield, you could risk cracking your windshield. In the event that your windshield chips or cracks, call the experts at Glass Doctor®.

We can repair most chipped windshield and replace windshields with cracks that are longer than three inches.

To determine if a repair or replacement is necessary, we consider three factors:

  1. Size—Chips larger than 3/8 inch and cracks more than three inches long will generally require a windshield replacement.
  2. Location—Cracks that have splintered to the edge of the windshield, or are in your line of sight, typically require replacement because they will spread more easily.
  3. Timespan—The longer you have chips and cracks, the more likely it is that dirt will build up, making it more difficult to perform a repair.


What to Expect with Glass Doctor

When you call Glass Doctor to repair your cracked windshield, here’s what you can expect:

  1. First, we remove debris from the impacted area, sometimes using a drill to create a clean passageway for the repair resin.
  2. A special resin is injected into the damaged area using a tool that attaches to the surface of the glass.
  3. After injecting the resin into the crack, it is cured and polished for a clear finish.

Call Glass Doctor for Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your windshield chips or cracks when you try to get ice off, call the experts at Glass Doctor. We can determine if you need a repair or replacement and typically perform the job within an hour, as well as work with your insurance company or warranty provider.

Schedule an appointment with us today at 855-603-1919.



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