Front Windshield Replacement

When your front windshield has a crack or chip, you may need a replacement. Your front windshield is important for your protection, the protection of your passengers, and the structure of your car. Immediate action should be taken when you notice a crack or chip, as it may end up spreading and causing more harm in an accident.

At Glass Doctor®, we take auto glass safety seriously, and can repair or replace your damaged glass quickly and affordably. Call us at 855-603-1919 and find a Glass Doctor near you.

When Should I Replace My Front Windshield?

A cracked or damaged windshield warrants an immediate response.

Cracked front windshields and auto glass cracks can easily be repaired if the crack isn’t too wide and is identified early. While repairing your windshield is more cost effective and saves time, knowing when to replace your windshield could save you a headache in the long run and place you in a safer situation sooner.

Location of cracks and how long they have been present are also important factors in determining whether or not your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced.

Glass Doctor | Steps to Windshield Replacement

Our Glass Doctor specialists take pride in a detailed inspection of your front windshield to ensure safety after replacement:

  • Your windshield is removed without damaging the paint and bonding surface.
  • An OEE (original equipment equivalent) quality windshield is selected to match the model of your vehicle.
  • Only Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) approved adhesives are used to install your new windshield.
  • Our company observes a one hour drive-away time for passenger safety.

Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan

We stand by our commitment to service and professionalism. You can expect our standards to comply with those set by the AGSC.

When Glass Doctor replaces your front windshield, we offer an exclusive, free replacement guarantee called the Windshield Protection Plan. Certain restrictions may apply.

Call Glass Doctor for Your Front Windshield Replacement

Don’t compromise your safety or the safety of your passengers with broken glass. At Glass Doctor, our mobile auto glass specialists can come to you when you need your front windshield replaced or repaired.

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