Window Replacement and Repair in Stouffville, ON  

Glass Doctor® of Durham Region is your go-to source for window and window pane services. A broken window is a hazard to the safety and security of your property, its inhabitants, and your belongings. But beyond damaged panes, upgrading your windows can add value to your home or business. 

Whether you’re seeking to repair a broken pane or install new windows to match your property’s aesthetic, rely on our technicians to get the job done right, the first time. 

Call (289) 661-1800 to request a custom estimate. 

Window Repair and Window Pane Replacement 

A cracked frame or broken mechanism means your window is no longer as safe or secure as it once was. Similarly, a damaged pane reduces your window’s efficiency, contributing to an increase in your energy bills. 

Repairs may be divided into two categories: window frame or mechanism repair—leaky seals, damaged frames, faulty locks, broken knobs, or damaged slides—and window pane replacement. 
Not all windows are good candidates for repair. Old windows and windows with extensive damage to the frame should simply be replaced. Similarly, a double pane window with two panes of shattered glass or where moisture is trapped between the panes is also likely to require replacement. 

Window repair and pane replacement should always be done by a professional. These jobs are complicated, and completed without the appropriate tools or knowledge, the window may sustain further damage.  

Window Replacement and Installation 

Full replacement is ideal for inefficient single pane windows and for property owners who wish to change the look or feel of their home. We offer window replacement and window installation for renovations, additions, and new construction projects alike. Our services are available to both home and commercial property owners. 
Once you’ve decided on replacement, we’ll help you to select windows that are aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient for our region. 

Custom Replacement Windows in Stouffville, ON

We understand that your glass designs may be historically valuable or of personal value to you. For unique, antique, or modern glass design replacement, Glass Doctor offers custom window glass replacement. Our technicians will collaborate with you to strike the right balance between a modern repair and restoration. 

Emergency Repairs 

A shattered window pane or glass door is an emergency. From storm damage to a break-in, trust Glass Doctor of Durham Region to help you recover. We offer 24/7 emergency services
We'll assist in cleaning up the damage and securing the window or door opening. While most window pane replacements are completed quickly, if a replacement part needs to be ordered, we can board up and tarp over the damage in the interim to keep your property safe and secure until the repair is completed. 

When it’s time to order your new windows, a member of our team will: 

  1. Measure for the new window. 
  2. Order the window and schedule an appointment for installation. 

When it’s time to install your new windows, a member of our team will: 

  1. Prepare the existing frame or the window opening for installation. 
  2. Carefully dry-fit the new window or window pane. 
  3. Install the new unit or pane. 
  4. Apply caulk and glazing as necessary. 
  5. Replace any trim removed during the replacement. 

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Gormley, ON?

If your window is being replaced as a part of restoration from a break-in or storm damage, your work may be covered or partially covered by insurance. Contact your agent to learn more about your coverage. 

The cost of a repair or replacement project will vary based on the type of window or glass selected, the location of the window, and the style of the window desired. Custom cut and framed windows will be more expensive than standard models. 

The first step in any project is a custom quote. Contact our team to learn more about your options for repair or replacement. 

Find Residential and Commercial Window Replacement Near Me  

Rely on Glass Doctor of Durham Region for reliable window and window pane services. We serve the towns of Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Ballantrae, Gormley, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Claremont, and Brooklin. Request an estimate online or call (289) 661-1800 today to kick off your project. 

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