Custom Glass Solutions

Giving your home the personal touches of your dreams is simple with the custom glass solutions available at Glass Doctor® of Stafford County. Glass decor provides the ultimate in form and function, as you can use it in all the rooms in your home. Try adding shower enclosures in the bathrooms and decorative glass in your front door. In addition to being beautiful, the installation of low-emissivity, or Low-E glass will protect your belongings from harmful UV rays while increasing your home’s energy performance. When you add glass to your home, the value and function increase.

Custom Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whatever the decorative style in your home, you will always find matching glass decor. A simple way to incorporate custom decor into your home is with glass tabletops and shelves. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Stafford County cut glass tabletops into a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to creating glass tabletops for new pieces of furniture, we can also add them to existing pieces.

Glass Doctor of Stafford County has a variety of glass types for custom tabletops and shelves, including laminated and tempered glass, which is good to use if you have children or plan to use the custom items outdoors. Like window glass, we can apply tints or special coatings to glass decor to protect your belongings from UV rays.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors offer a quick, simple way to dress up your home. Not only do they look stunning, they amplify the lighting in a room and create the illusion of extra space when placed strategically. While many standards mirrors can be bought at local shops, mirrors of all shapes and sizes can be made when you work with Glass Doctor of Stafford County . Truly unique pieces will give your home personality and better suit your space. Our specialists are happy to make suggestions regarding the best places to use this type of custom glass decor in your home.

Custom Glass for Doors

Enhance your home's beauty and function by installing custom glass doors or renovating existing glass doors. When you work with Glass Doctor of Stafford County, our specialists ensure you receive the right type of door for your needs, so your family and home stays safe. We recommended inserting a tempered or impact resistant pane in your front door to allow natural light to pour through your portal.

If a single pane in your French door breaks, our specialists will solve the problem with a single pane replacement service. We strive to deliver the services you need while still reducing costs.

Low-E Windows

Filter UV rays and reduce sun glares with the addition of Low-E coats on new or existing windows. Low-E windows use a thin metallic, reflective coat that limits visible light by up to 10% and blocks most UV rays. When you block the UV rays that come into your home, you protect your furniture, flooring, books, drapes and other property from sun-related fading and premature aging. Low-E windows reduce heat gain, so your home ultimately feels more comfortable. It costs less to heat or cool because the house temperature is more consistent. Low-E windows are a great investment for homeowners no matter the age of the home.

Set Your Consultation Today

When you work with Glass Doctor of Stafford County, a glass specialist will visit your home to provide you with a complimentary consultation. During this time, the specialist will take expert measurements and review the selection of customization options available. You’ll also learn about the safety considerations related to glass.

Make your fantasy of having custom glass decor a reality with the solutions from Glass Doctor of Stafford County. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.