Get Custom Mirrors for Table Centerpieces

Are you looking for mirrors to enhance your table centerpieces? Glass Doctor® custom cuts mirrors to fit all of your glass needs. Do you need a 10″, 12″, or larger-sized piece of glass? Do you need glass that comes in different shapes? Call us today at 855-603-1919, and we will meet all your mirror centerpiece needs.

How Glass Doctor Mirrors Enhance Your Table Centerpieces

When you choose custom-cut mirrors from Glass Doctor, there are a variety of benefits that will improve your wedding or special event. Mirror centerpieces will:

Make a Space Appear Larger

Mirrors can make spaces feel and appear larger than they really are. This is true even when a mirror is used only as a table center piece.

Because mirrors reflect, they create a sense of depth that is otherwise impossible to do on a non-reflective surface like a tablecloth. At the same time, the depth created does not create a large space that ruins the intimacy of a special event.

Emphasize Event Details and Decor

When used as part of a centerpiece, a mirror can multiply the impact of the decor and add elegance to the room. Because Glass Doctor allows you to select custom shapes, tints, edges, finishes, and frames, you can ensure that your decor looks exactly the way you want it to.

Reflect More Light

Is your event in a space that is dimly lit, or that only has bright overhead lighting? Mirrors help solve that problem by reflecting any light around them and increasing the existing light in the room. If you’re struggling to find the right lighting in your event space, candles placed over the mirrors can add ambiance and class.

Call Glass Doctor Today

If you’re in need of creative ideas to help you use mirrors and centerpieces at your event, check out sites like Pinterest, or just ask the experts at Glass Doctor.

Regardless of what event you are hosting, Glass Doctor specialists will ensure that your custom-cut mirrors are appropriate for the space and match your design ideas. Call us at 855-603-1919 for a quote today.




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