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Double Pane Window Repair

One-third of a house’s energy efficiency is dependent on the windows. Damaged panes create an eyesore that doesn't show your home to its best advantage. Windows that aren't well-insulated result in higher heating and cooling costs, increased ultraviolet damage to your home's interior and greater noise pollution.

Whether your windows need an upgrade or repair, Glass Doctor® of Waco, TX has the experience and expertise to do the job right. Our trained glass specialists will met you at your convenience. We’ll help advise you on whether window glass repair or replacement is your best home improvement option and tell you upfront what your costs will be.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Upgrading your windows is easy with our insulated glass units (IGUs) options. IGUs offer the following advantages:

  • A structurally sound window. You're getting double pane windows (or even triple pane) with spacers that make them more energy efficient than single panes.
  • Spacers create a separate, sealed airspace, which insulates the window. We offer different spacer options to suit your home’s specific needs. Our spacers are filled with moisture-absorbing materials or we use a warm-edge glass spacer to help reduce condensation and moisture.
  • We use a high-grade sealant on the entire perimeter to help prevent condensation.
  • Some units have argon or krypton gas in the space between the two panes, helping provide even more insulation.
  • IGUs reduce heat gain in the summer and cold transmittance in the winter, delivering in lower energy bills.
  • Window tinting is offered to reduce the heat and harsh glare of the Texas summer sun.

Double Pane Window Installation

If your single pane windows are chipped or cracked, we give you the choice of replacing the glass or upgrading to insulated glass panes. If a total replacement is necessary, or if you’d like to upgrade your home’s appearance and energy efficiency with double pane window units, we’ll discuss your options. Whatever service you choose, our workmanship is guaranteed when you join ourAdvantage Plan® program.

Schedule an appointment today to have a Glass Doctor of Waco, TX specialist help get your home improvement project started!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.