Double Pane Window

Homeowners in the Stafford County area know the importance windows have in cutting down heating and cooling energy costs, especially during the winter months. Any window's energy efficiency depends on all its components, which collectively contribute to its usefulness. Double pane windows provide excellent protection from the weather, but even these well-insulated windows can develop problems that require the attention of a professional.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Stafford County are well aware of the importance windows play in preventing outdoor temperatures from affecting the comfort of your home. For example, if seals in insulated glass units (IGUs) fail, our residential glass team will expertly perform double pane window replacement on any failed or broken units.

Double Pane Window Glass Benefits

double pane window

In addition to providing protection from heat transfer, IGUs decreases noise pollution and stabilizes energy efficiency in your home. During winter, double pane windows reduce heat loss while helping to maintain a consistent interior temperature. During the summer months, IGUs work to block the heat from outside, which causes your air conditioning system usage to work less lowering utility costs.

Parts of a Modern Window

Each part of a window works to create a more energy efficient unit. An IGU contains at least two pieces of glass and an insulating spacer separating the panes. The spacers are either a polymer or metal strip containing a special moisture-absorbing material called a desiccant or a low-conductivity material such as a warm-edge glass spacer. Argon or krypton gas may be added to the airspace between the two panes to provide additional insulation before the perimeter of the unit is sealed using a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes.

The units are then sealed on the outer edges using either a special, industry-specified sealant to prevent any damp, humid air from entering the unit. At Glass Doctor of Stafford County, we also offer two types of IGUs: single seal and double seal. As their names suggest, the difference between the two is the application of a single or double seal between the spacer and the glass.

Our team also will help customize your double pane windows to suit your home’s needs. Pick from two types of glass. Tempered and annealed glass panes can be used in the same unit or patterned, tinted or reflective glass can be sealed into the outer panes. If you’d prefer reflective glass panes to face the interior, we'll be happy to use tempered glass on one or both panes to avoid thermal breakage.

Window Glass Replacement

Thanks to years of industry training and experience with double pane window installation and replacement, our specialists are unmatched in all aspects of residential window replacement services. As with anything else in a home, double pane units have a life expectancy to them. So whether you need to replace cracked, broken or missing panes or eliminate fogging or condensation buildup, our experts will promptly restore the unit to the highest level of energy efficiency.

A damaged or failed window isn't the only reason you might want to call us for our double pane window services. There are several advantages to upgrading to better windows, including a more energy efficient home, the ability to keep noise pollution out and an increased home value. At Glass Doctor® of Stafford County, we're able to custom fit or design new windows of any shape or size.