Double Pane Windows

Windows enhance the appearance of your home or business, but if they're old or improperly sealed, they don't keep your premises as comfortable as they should. In addition, if your windows only have a single pane of glass, the unit doesn't offer the benefits of modern insulating properties double pane windows provide. Glass Doctor® of Ronkonkoma provides insulated glass unit (IGU) installation and replacement, which will make your indoor climate more comfortable while reducing the burden on your HVAC system. Our team always aims to reduce your energy bills while boosting the appearance and value or your home or business.

Windows are Key to Home Comfort

double pane window

Since windows are the main source of temperature exchange for any building, it's important they be properly sealed and maintained. A milky, foggy appearance with condensation between the panes is evidence of a broken seal. In this case, the window isn't able to do a good job insulating the property, allowing climate-controlled air to escape and exterior air indoors.

Features of a Double Pane Window

While any window in good repair is better than a broken pane, IGUs, commonly known as double or triple pane windows, are the best option for any homeowner. These windows have at least two panes of glass as well as an insulating spacer to seal the space between them. The spacer is usually made of special moisture-absorbent materials to resist the buildup of condensation, while the space between the panes may contain gases to promote greater insulating.

A warm-edge glass spacer known as a super spacer may also be used. It further protects against moisture while adding structural strength that's important in areas that receive high winds or a lot of snow. This feature is perfect for Ronkonkoma residents, who have to endure long winters.

Every IGU is sealed around its perimeter to further protect against moisture.

Window Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma offers double pane glass installation and replacement. Our specialists have the training and expertise needed to fix broken seals or replace your inferior windows with modern units. The cost may be lower than you think, since we're often able to utilize your existing frames and replace only the glass.

Contact us for more information about the benefits of double pane windows. Our specialists report to your home or business at your convenience to examine your current windows and talk to you about your needs and current comfort level. We'll suggest the best IGUs to help make your indoor environment more comfortable while reducing your energy costs. Check out our special offers and contact our team today! Don't delay comfort!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.