Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is an ideal way to make any space look brightener and bigger. Add beauty along with function with the addition of glass décor throughout your home. Glass Doctor® of Ronkonkoma provides custom glass solutions so you can create a living space that is unique to your needs and personal taste. Our team of glass specialists will cut and install virtually any mirror or glass surface for your home.

Create Beautiful Mirrors

Create Depth

Strategically placed mirrors make small spaces appear more open and airy. A custom mirror near a window will maximize natural lighting and make tight spaces appear larger. Mirrors can be tiled, framed or even used to cover an entire wall to fit in with your home's decor. Placing mirrors in a hallway makes it look longer. Layering mirrors creates an open feel, without weighing down walls with too much decor. Mirrors are even perfect for the kitchen. A mirrored backsplash or cabinets will add depth and shine to your cooking area.

Highlight Your Artwork and Home Decor

Spotlight your artwork, collectables and home decor with custom mirrors, cut to your specifications. Choose from a wide variety of tints, finishes, frames and edgework to accentuate your focal pieces. Consider these decorative mirrored items:

  • Mirrored shelving: Allow your pieces to be viewed from all angles.
  • Hanging mirrors: Direct natural light toward your favorite artwork.
  • Framed mirrors: Works of art on their own, framed mirrors fit well with family photos and artwork.

Enhance the Natural Lighting in Your Home

Placing custom mirrors near a light source will expand the light's reach and add warmth to the room. For homes with few windows, mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors will illuminate dark spaces. Custom mirrors work particularly well in bedrooms where the lighting from windows and lamps will fill the room. Mirrors also add light to home offices and dens, making it easier to work comfortably.

Mirrors Designed to Impress

Bedrooms, entryways and closets are ideal spaces for a full-length custom mirror. Take a glance of yourself, from top to bottom before leaving your home. Framed mirrors in your bathroom provide sophistication and floor-to-ceiling mirrors allow your to check your attire before leaving your home.

Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma will cut custom mirrors that are finished and framed to accentuate all of your home decor. Our specialists will perform a complimentary consultation, provide measurements and work with you every step of the way to create the space of your dreams.Call us today or fill out an online request form.