Double Pane Windows

Maintain impeccable curb appeal and interior home comfort throughout the year. The changing seasons bring fluctuating temperatures, putting pressure and seal stress on your home’s windows. As a result, seals crack and leak air, exposing you to chilly drafts and excessive energy costs. Avoid these issues and the resulting milky panes. Glass Doctor® of Pittsburgh delivers double pane window replacement to keep you and your wallet at ease. For immediate climate control support, contact our team today.

Insulated Glass Options and Advantages

double pane window

Block wintry wind and sizzling summer heat with energy-efficient insulated glass units (IGUs). Every installation effectively minimizes heat transmittance and HVAC operations, keeping interior and exterior temperature exchange under control. Our specialists use years of industry expertise to your advantage, ensuring you enjoy affordable home comfort with our expert care.

IGUs are designed for superior installation. Insulating spacers separate two or more panes of glass, creating air pockets in the unit. These function as insulating pockets and noise buffers. Spacers seal the air space and hold the panes in place to keep the unit interior dry. The spacers are filled with a moisture-absorbing desiccant or made from warm-edge material. Some window's air pockets are filled with argon or krypton gas. Each enhancement ensures long-lasting, weather-resistant protection.

Trust superior glass services to keep you snug and secure. Our experienced glass experts execute double pane window replacement using industry best practices and finalize every customer investment with high-grade exterior sealant.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Don’t neglect your exterior or unnecessarily replace an entire window. Contact our team as soon as you spot milky panes or damaged seals. We use your existing frames and replace only the panes to save you valuable time and money.

Serving Irwin, Monroeville and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Pittsburgh performs expert double pane window installations daily. Call 412-357-5582 or complete an online service request form to schedule a convenient in-home consultation.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.