Double Pane Windows

Up to 33 percent of a home's total heat loss occurs through windows and doors, according to the Energy Information Administration. One way to try and combat this heat loss is to install double pane windows in your home. Glass Doctor® of Morehead City, NC provides insulated glass units (IGUs) that help keep your conditioned air inside, where it belongs.

An insulated glass unit, also called a double pane window, is made from at least two panes of glass with an insulating spacer in between. Depending on your needs, argon or krypton gas can be added to the air pocket between the panes to aid with insulation. The result is comfortable indoor air and potentially lower heating and cooling costs.

Double Pane Window Repair

double pane window

Double pane windows are specially sealed to keep out air and moisture. When the seal fails, not only will your glass become cloudy, but your windows can also become less energy efficient. You can tell if your windows are failing because they will get a milky appearance. The good news is that double-pane windows can be repaired.

Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC offers a glass pane replacement for a more lasting fix to your window issues. Our professional will replace just the glass on your existing windows. You'll get to keep your original window frames along with a few extra dollars in your pocket, too.

Double Pane Window Replacement

If you want to upgrade your single pane windows to a more efficient IGU, our service professionals are here to help. We discuss and explain the various benefits of installing modern IGUs during your in-home consultation.

If you are having trouble with your windows call or schedule an appointment online with Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.