Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors instantly improve your home, providing a wide variety of aesthetic as well as functional benefits. Glass Doctor® of Morehead City, NC specialists will design and create the right mirrors for your unique needs and style. We offer an in-home consultation, which gives our specialists the opportunity to see areas you'd like to customize. Our advice will then be specific to your needs, such as recommending a glass back splash to brighten up a kitchen or adding tint to glass that is exposed to more sunlight. Any room will look brighter and more finished with a custom mirror.

Benefits of Custom Mirrors

Professional designers use mirrors for a variety of reasons. Some mirrors are simply installed for function, such as bathroom or closet additions. Other mirrors add more to the space than a reflective surface. Review the different benefits to determine how a custom mirror may prove most beneficial to your home.

  • Creating depth and the illusion of space: Since mirrors reflect their surroundings, they make any room or hallway seem larger.
  • Reflecting existing natural and artificial light: Custom mirrors brighten dark hallways, closets and rooms.
  • Adding personalized decor: Our mirrors are customized in the shape, size, edging, color, framing and other features that make them a reflection of your personal style.
  • Accentuating your home's strongest features: A strategically placed mirror will reflect and maximize the impact of features such as an interesting archway or impressive view.
  • Providing a head-to-toe view: Floor-length mirrors allow you to check your look from head to toe while getting dressed or before heading out the door.
  • Offering versatility: Beyond the ability to simply craft a mirror that reflects your design dreams, mirrors are easy to move. You can change a mirror's location if you want to experiment with a new look. This ease of change makes it a valuable decor piece.
  • Highlighting your home: Group mirrors with existing artwork or photos to blend the design. Or use them to reflect other pieces you'd like to highlight.

Popular Custom Mirror Options

Custom mirrors are appropriate in any room, and our clients have improved their homes with a variety of mirrors. Options include:

  • Mirrored walls: Small or dark hallways will look much roomier and brighter.
  • Mirrored backslashes: This easy-to-clean option creates depth and adds sparkle in an unexpected place.
  • Statement mirrors: Large mirrors, especially those that are framed, make an impressive statement when hung over a fireplace or headboard.
  • Mirrored shelves: These add sparkle to your favorite items, displaying them with a panoramic view.
  • Hanging mirrors: These mirrors are useful for directing natural light.
  • Leaner mirrors: Leaned up against a wall or corner, they're appropriate for any area and are easy to move. They're also an ideal way to refresh and upgrade if you're renting your home, apartment, or condominium.

Contact Glass Doctor of Morehead City, NC today to schedule an in-home consultation at your convenience. Our specialists will assist you in planning, creating, and installing the perfect custom mirrors to enhance your decor.