Custom Mirrors

The right custom mirror in the right spot creates spaces that breathe new life into your home. Glass Doctor of London® consultants will show you how custom mirrors can open up rooms, tie together decor, increase lighting and leave a lasting impression. Our people are trained to show you how custom edging, tints, shapes and sizes create the perfect glass accents for your unique style.

A Variety of Benefits

Mirrors offer a unique decorating opportunity. While mirrors often are installed for a functional purpose, they can be used to improve the flow of space or brighten a room. Consider how you would want to use custom mirrors in your home.

Create Depth and Space

You don't need to remodel your home to give it a greater sense of space. For cramped areas, a strategically placed custom mirror arrangement creates an open feel. By reflecting ceilings, walls and light sources, rooms and hallways are transformed into inviting spaces. Smaller custom mirror arrangements highlight the contours of your home, creating a sense of flow that connects all your rooms, helping cement a feeling of a more open space. To open up smaller spaces we recommend:

  • Oversized mirrors: Create a sense of depth and length in small hallways or rooms
  • Mirrored backsplash: Open up small kitchens or bathrooms
  • Statement mirrors: Placed over fireplaces or headboards large mirrors not only draw the eye but create depth in smaller rooms

Highlight Your Current Collection

Make the art and home decor you've lovingly collected over the years stand out with the addition of a custom mirror. With a variety of styles and finishes, a custom mirror is a perfect way to showcase your existing collection. Use mirrors to tie artwork together, redirect light and catch the eye. Some additions that are perfect for decorating are:

  • Mirrored shelves: You're not limited to a single mirror. Discover how a mirrored shelf system provides panoramic views for all your 3-D art and collectibles while providing chic storage and organization to your space.
  • Hanging mirrors: These custom mirrors are designed to redirect natural and artificial light to spotlight specific areas or flood your display rooms with light.
  • Framed mirrors: With limitless shapes and styles, framed mirrors are perfect for tying together and highlighting wall arrangements.

Enhance Your Lighting

To brighten rooms without introducing new windows, add mirrors. Custom mirrors spread natural and artificial light into hard to reach places. Standard custom mirror additions to homes include:

  • Wall mirrors: Our team will add safety backing to any wall mirror to ensure a secure fit. Adding a mirrored wall drastically enhances the light in a room.
  • Mounted mirrors: These mirrors are designed to go behind wall sconces, desk lamps or other artificial light sources to reflect the light out into the room, providing stronger and broader illumination.

Make an Impression

Larger custom mirrors in bedrooms, closets and entryway areas offer a way to review your appearance. Full-length mirrors give you a complete picture of your appearance as you prepare for the day while catching the eye of your visitors when they walk into your home. Some great full-length mirror options include:

  • Framed mirrors: Add sophistication to bathrooms and bedrooms with a variety of framed mirrors perfect to accent your current room style.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Slim, sleek and perfect for preparing for your day.

Reinvigorate your home without renovating with a custom mirror arrangement designed just for you. Give Glass Doctor of London a call today to set up your consultation.