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It’s common to underestimate the effect that a satisfactory shower door or enclosure design can have on an individual. Many of us kick off our mornings in this space, and the mood that you cultivate in the shower can often set the tone for the rest of the day. Facilitating a visually appealing design that allows in sufficient light can lay a positive foundation for you to build around.

You can trust the service professionals at Glass Doctor of Grayslake to optimize your space for safety and enhanced peace of mind. First, we’ll conduct an initial assessment to better understand your vision and walk you through the planning, design, and maintenance process. Once we’ve determined your needs and established a budget, we’ll begin our pre-installment process of evaluating your space’s existing infrastructure, taking measurements, and accounting for ventilation.

We always insist on providing upfront fixed-rate pricing for all projects – once we provide a final quote, that’s the price that you’ll pay. No hidden fees or surprise charges ever. As long as your needs remain the same, so does your cost. If your blueprint changes, we’re transparent about the price increase and always get approval before performing additional work.

If you’re ready to elevate your shower or tub design to the next level, schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor of Grayslake today!

Choose Your Glass Shower Door Style

When determining which shower door or enclosure best suits your needs, considerations often include aesthetic preferences, functionality, and any space or accessibility restrictions you’re working with. Sliding doors can optimize available space in smaller bathrooms, while swinging doors may be more useful for individuals emphasizing accessibility.

Let’s take a look at some of our most popular selections here at Glass Doctor of Grayslake:

Framed Doors

  • Metal frames surround the glass panels to offer structural support.
  • Pros: Durable, cost-effective, and better sealing options
  • Cons: Design limitations, less natural light, and framing can be more challenging to maintain

Frameless Doors

  • Provides a contemporary, minimalist design with no visible frame that promotes a sense of openness in your space.
  • Pros: Modern feel, enhanced natural light, and easy to clean
  • Cons: Generally more expensive, heavier, and don’t mesh with all bathroom layouts

Sliding Doors

  • Doors slide horizontally along tracks, eliminating the need for swinging clearance.
  • Pros: Ease of access, space savings, and customization options
  • Cons: Potential for off-track issues, restricted opening width, and seal maintenance

Rectangular Enclosures

  • A classic enclosure selection featuring straight sides and right angles for a more functional appearance.
  • Pros: Space efficiency, versatility, and accessibility
  • Cons: Limited design variety, maintenance of glass, and possible space constraints

Hexagonal Enclosures

  • A unique geometric design with six sides in the enclosure that helps add a stylish touch to your bathroom.
  • Pros: Unique aesthetics, design variety, and versatile placement
  • Cons: Sometimes more costly, potential for water splashes, and space considerations

Customized Glass Shower Doors

While your shower door or enclosure style lays the groundwork for the rest of the project, selecting relevant accessories is where you can really make the design your own. These add-ons can enhance privacy or add a finishing touch that’s reflective of your personality.

Some of our most frequent customization requests include:

Standard Glass Patterns: Opting for standard glass patterns on your door is a practical choice for those desiring a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and affordability.  Frosted and textured patterns deliver an added layer of privacy while maintaining an elegant appearance, making them suitable for shared bathrooms or those seeking a more modest touch. A few of our most popular options include Aquatex, Everglade, Rain, and Obscure.

Heavy Glass Patterns: Choosing a heavy glass pattern for your shower or tub reflects a preference for luxury, durability, and a premium aesthetic. These selections are particularly appealing for individuals looking to invest in a long-lasting and visually striking feature in their bathroom. Patterns can include intricate designs, textures, or etchings. Some of our most in-demand varieties are Bamboo, Monumental, Master Carre, and Satin.

Colored Glass: Colored glass adds a vibrant and expressive element to your space, allowing for the display of personal style and creativity. Beyond its aesthetic impact, colored glass also offers enhanced privacy. Tinted or opaque hues can create a more secluded showering experience while still allowing diffused light to permeate the space. Common designs include Bronze, Azuria, Smoke, and Starphire.

Professional Shower Door Installation

A woman, man, and male Glass Doctor service professional standing in a bathroom inside of her home, and discussing a glass shower door.

Once you’ve done your part by selecting your design and customization features, it’s time for Glass Doctor of Grayslake to step in. We’ll order the materials, which usually arrive within 10-15 days, and then work with you to schedule a preferred date and time to begin the installation process. Our service professionals are masters of their craft – from start to finish, the process typically takes just one day.

A fast installation doesn’t always result in a quality installation, but with Glass Doctor of Grayslake you can be assured that it does. Our service professionals adhere to a strict protocol that has proven effective for thousands of past shower and tub projects, and we’re confident it will work for yours as well.

  • To start, we prepare the area by ensuring it’s free of any debris and verify that your surrounding infrastructure is level and plumb.
  • Next, we’ll install the U-channels or side tracks to slide or hold your glass panels in place.
  • We’ll then place your glass, sliding them onto your tracks or securing them using brackets.
  • This is followed up by applying silicone urethane to seal all joints and prevent water leakage.
  • After sealing, we’ll focus on the mounting connection, where the door is attached to the adjoining structure, and door hardware such as hinges, handles, and rollers.
  • Lastly, we’ll double-check our entire installation for quality assurance and provide you with aftercare instructions for best maintenance practices.

Why Choose Glass Doctor?

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made Glass Doctor one of North America’s top choices for its glass needs for more than 60 years. We recognize that shower renovations are a big deal for our clients – it’s a space you’ll use nearly every day and our service professionals are proud to play a role in optimizing it for you.

You can count on Glass Doctor of Grayslake to provide you with a transparent timeline, quality materials, upfront pricing, and unmatched expertise to ensure that your shower door or enclosure project manifests just as you’ve envisioned it.

As a proud Neighborly company, we’re happy to offer our Neighborly Done Right Promise with which you can be assured your shower door or enclosure project will be completed to the highest standard on every occasion. In the rare case that it isn’t, reach out to us within one year and we’ll come back out to make it right.

Schedule an appointment online or call us at 847-752-5218 to get started on your shower renovations today!

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