Custom Mirrors in Grayslake, IL

Adding a custom mirror to your home can create many benefits. Practical and functional, these pieces enhance your home and reflect or accentuate the colors and views within. By custom designing your mirror, you can personalize it to your home's aesthetic and produce a striking effect in any room. Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL has been providing custom glass mirrors to the residence of Grayslake, IL for years, and our trained service professionals are ready to help you today.

Create Impressive Illusions

Our mirror service allows you to custom design your room's impression. Regardless of where you choose to display them, custom mirrors create an effective illusion that makes cramped areas seem more spacious. With multiple design options available, a custom mirror can deliver a dramatic impact or a subtle accent in your home or office. Applications include:

  • Bold statement mirrors situated above dressers, mantels, and in similar prominent locations, reflect the entire room allowing it to appear larger.
  • Wall mounted mirrors or custom mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen create an airy, sparkling atmosphere.
  • Full-length bedroom and bathroom mirrors establish a dressing area that offers multiple vantages so that you're sure to look your best.
  • Less expensive than remodeling, use mirrors in small guest bathrooms, offices, or hallways to enhance the appearance of an open and uncluttered space.

Highlight Your Home

Our custom mirror and glass services allow you to enhance home energy savings. By reflecting both natural and artificial light, they make your rooms brighter, often times requiring less electricity. A custom mirror strategically placed behind a table lamp or situated to maximize the morning sunlight has the ability to lower utility bills by magnifying and redistributing the light in your room. Our custom work also provides an excellent way to showcase your treasured artwork. Use custom mirrors to form the interior walls of a unique display case for exhibiting figurines or sculptures or use them as the backdrop for decorative shelves. The possibilities are limitless!

Service Excellence

Our dedicated glass experts have years of hands-on experience creating custom glass decor. With industry knowledge and thoughtful suggestions, we deliver a value-added service that assists your design plan. With a myriad of individual options, you're able to create unique accents for your home. Fabrication selections include:

  • Edge design: Choose from a variety of custom mirror and glass edges that accentuate the appearance of your wall mounted or framed mirrors.
  • Security laminates: Increase the safety of your custom mirrors with the addition of clear laminates that prevent shattering in the case of an accident.
  • Hydrophobic Coating Service: This one-time glass application guards the surface of your mirror from scratches, mildew, or environmental contaminates for up to five years. It also hinders dirt and dust accumulation for easier, faster cleaning.

Our professionals will arrive on schedule and offer insights on placement and installation requirements to ensure that your custom mirrors are created exactly as you've envisioned.

Contact Glass Doctor of Grayslake, IL to arrange for a consultation at your home or office today.