Steps to Finding Your Ideal Glass Shower Door

Gathering shower door inspiration is an important first step toward figuring out what the best glass enclosure or sliding door is for your shower. Once you have your design ideas, our team at Glass Doctor® will install the perfect shower door for your home. Our glass experts offer a wide range of shower doors unique to each customer’s frame preference, opening type, and glass finish.

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Bathroom Shower Door Options

Shower door frames not only play the important function of keeping water contained in your shower, but they also enhance the overall style of your bathroom. Learn about our different shower options below.


A frameless shower door is constructed of tempered glass 3/8? to 1/2? thick, and does not rely on metal to support its external edges. These doors add a clean, modern feel and they are the popular choice for individuals wanting to exhibit elaborate stonework, tile design and hardware within the shower. 


Semi-frameless shower doors have metal around the entire structure, but not around the entire door. These shower doors are great options for individuals looking to incorporate the allure of the frameless door on a budget. 


These shower doors are made up of tempered or textured glass and are fully surrounded and supported by framing. While framed shower doors are the cheaper alternative, they have the ability to look just as classy as the frameless and semi-frameless options. In fact, finish on the frames can accent a bathroom as well as act as an eye-catching device drawing attention to the shower itself. 


Open Up Your Shower Space

Taking into consideration the way you want to enter and exit your shower is another important factor in determining which shower door is right for you. Below are three common opening styles:


These doors overlap and open with a smooth sliding action. If your bathroom is cramped or narrow, sliding glass shower doors are a great way to save space. 


Pivoting shower doors provide your shower with an easy access element of sophistication. These doors swing out when opened, as many of the doors you encounter day to day do. 


If you don’t have enough room for a pivoting door but need a wider entrance space, bi fold shower doors are the way to go. These shower doors not only add custom functionality, but they also introduce a retro vibe to the room. 

Protect Your Shower Doors

Glass Doctor offers a wide array of glass finishes in both clear (as well as clear colored) and textured (heavy and standard glass patterns) designs. There are a few things you should know about the 2 main glass finishing categories


A clear finish on glass shower doors is the best way to bring an open and modern elegance to your bathroom. Many people point out the problem of demanding upkeep, but we offer hydrophobic coating glass protectant—which makes guarded surfaces water and oil repellent, thus easier to clean.


A textured finish will give your shower more privacy and are easier to clean than clear glass.

Schedule an In-Home Consultation Today

We understand that the options for a shower door can seem endless. That’s why our glass experts at Glass Doctor are here to not only provide a rich consultation experience, but to ensure that you get the custom glass solutions you’ve been searching for. We start by scheduling an in-home consultation with our most knowledgeable employees.

From there, we walk you through every step of the process, from assessment to selection and finally to installation. Call us today at 855-603-1919.



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