Find Mirror Sheets | Mirror Sheet Ideas

While ornate mirrors can make a bold statement in your home, nothing quite matches the simplicity and elegance of decorating like sheets of mirrors. Whether you keep them as is or change them into the shape of your choice, you can create the perfect look in your home with even the most minimal mirror design.

Custom Sheet Mirror Design Options

If you think mirrors are only boring squares of reflective material, then think again. Mirror sheets hold a lot of potential when it comes to redesigning and redecorating a room. HouseBeautiful introduces several ways you can use mirrors to enhance the look of your home.

Inside an Empty Frame

Find a gorgeous antique frame at the thrift store? You could take this frame and fit a custom-cut mirror sheet inside it. Not only will you create a new centerpiece for your living or dining room, but you can show off your DIY skills to guests.

On the Outside of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Update your kitchen by adding mirrors to the outside of your kitchen cabinets. They will reflect the natural lighting from your windows and create an illusion of space to a room you spend a lot of time in.

Across an Entire Wall

Make a bold statement in any room with a wall mirror. Install a mirror in your bedroom, dining room, living room, or kitchen. No matter how high your ceiling is or how long the wall is, Glass Doctor will be able to customize your mirror to specific size and design requirements.

Quality Glass Solutions from Glass Doctor

Glass Doctor experts provide in-home consultations to determine how we can turn a sheet of mirror into an elegant centerpiece. We will measure the space you’re interested in and help you create the perfect mirror design. We’ll even install it for you and walk you through the process step-by-step.

To learn more about our glass and mirror solutions, give us a call at 855-603-1919 and create a new look for your home.




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