Custom Mirrors in the Durham Region

Custom glass components and mirrors are unique home enhancement ideas. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Durham Region works with many vendors to make sure that our customers have access to some of the most extensive glass and mirror products, including:

  • Glass shelves and tabletops
  • Wall, bathroom, and cabinet mirrors
  • Doors and enclosures

Glass and custom mirrors are functional as well as beautiful and come in a variety of tints, edge finishes, and shapes. When you sit down with a service professional from Glass Doctor Home + Business of Durham Region, we can help you make custom glass decisions that accentuate almost any room. We measure, cut, and install several types of glass, whether you need custom shelves or replacement glass for French doors.

Elegant Home Decor with Custom Mirrors

Strategically placed glass and mirrors can help highlight your existing home decor. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Durham Region can cut mirrors to fit your unique requirements and offers you an impressive selection of edges, frames, tints, and finishes.

Decorative mirrors take many forms but typically fall into common categories. Using one or more decorative mirrors can be a home enhancement tool that complements your existing architecture and design. The most common types of decorative mirror include:

  • Hanging Mirrors: These can be strategically placed for light reflection and redirection.
  • Framed Mirrors: Not only are framed mirrors a wonderful way to break up empty wall space, but you can also mix different tints to create patterns or custom lighting.
  • Mirrored Shelves: This idea is great for collectibles because it can provide viewers with an excellent view of the objects without actually handling them.
  • Tiled Mirrors: The options can be unlimited with tiled mirrors, especially when you consider the tint and finishing choices Glass Doctor Home + Business of Durham Region has available.

Custom Glass Creates Visual Illusions

Custom glass can be an effective home enhancement tool. Mirrored tabletops or walls help to make small areas appear larger and more open. Glass and mirror display cases are a useful way to create a sophisticated ambiance while helping take advantage of natural light. There are quite a few options at your disposal, including:

  • Tiled or framed mirrors
  • Whole wall mirrors
  • Backsplash mirrors
  • Custom headboard mirrors
  • Mantel or fireplace mirrors

Custom Glass and Natural Lighting

Mirrors have the ability to control the flow and intensity of light in every room. Even rooms with no outside windows or doors can benefit from carefully placed mirrors reflecting light in from other rooms. Glass tabletops allow light to pass through unimpeded, while mirrored tabletops or hanging mirrors can help you position light exactly where you want it.

Mirrors Made for You

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Durham Region helps provide for many of your glass needs, including window replacement, and custom mirrors. From design to installation, our service professionals have the experience and selection to meet your requirements.

To get a professional assessment, schedule your in-home consultation with a service professional from Glass Doctor Home + Business of Durham Region today. We can show you how to get the best glass effects, suggest cost-saving techniques and provide you with an exact estimate of your custom glass project.