Industry Glass Solutions

Glass windows, doors and decor fixtures add beauty and functionality to commercial buildings. To keep every glass piece in good repair you must have reliable commercial glass repair and maintenance partners. Glass Doctor® of Ronkonkoma specialists are experts in commercial glass repair, maintenance and replacement. We offer products and services which will keep your building looking good and make your job easier.

Commercial Care Program

Commercial Care program members receive professional commercial glass repair solutions with a package of added benefits.

  • Preferential after-hours response
  • Board-up discounts
  • Membership pricing
  • Business account
  • 15% savings on auto glass repairs

Keep your Business in Good Repair with Glass Care

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass windows and doors give residential properties a distinctive, modern look. We provide professional commercial glass repair and maintenance services to keep them in perfect condition. When you’re ready for an upgrade, our custom options offer a new look. We improve pool and workout areas with safety glass. We beautify common areas with custom glass and mirror decor. As an added bonus, property residents receive a 15% discount on auto glass repairs.

apartment windows


Glass opens up your restaurant and presents an enticing environment to guests. Install plate and specialty glass windows transform your establishment into a showplace. Our specialists will install glass partitions and sneeze guards improve service. Sliding drive-up windows and other outdoor solutions let you serve customers on the go.

Schools and Universities

Our glass professionals provide reliable commercial glass repair and maintenance for classrooms, offices, labs, athletic facilities and common school areas. Ask our team to install new glass tabletops to make office furniture last longer. Our specialists increase your safety and security with fire-resistant, bulletproof and other safety glass. We enhance labs, classrooms and offices with glass tabletops, custom shelves and display cases.


As a retailer, you understand your glass is a public display which attracts customers. When you want to change your public presentation, we provide the solutions to make it happen. Our glass specialists offer custom-etched glass, stained glass and entryway designs. We customize cases, shelves and mirrored decor for unique display alternatives. Every glass project we complete is performed with precise care.

Hotels and Motels

We offer reliable commercial glass repair and maintenance solutions to preserve the comfort and style your guests appreciate. When it’s time for a transformation, we redesign entryways with specialty glass to enhance beauty and security. We transform private baths with vanity mirrors and custom tub or shower enclosures. Ask a Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma specialist to upgrade workout rooms with safety mirrors and a wide selection of glass products and services to add beauty and functionality.

Cities and Municipalities

When you manage public buildings, glass maintenance is a priority. Our professionals offer commercial glass repair and door closer services to keep your doors and windows in top condition. We refit windows with bulletproof, fire-rated and tempered glass for safety. When energy savings are a concern, we install tinted windows or energy efficient panes to reduce climate control costs. We also offer new construction, remodeling and expedited purchase orders.

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Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma specialists will make it simple to find the right industry glass solutions for your business. Visit our appointment page to schedule a consultation or call us at (631) 619-6711 for more information.