Auto Glass Care

If the view from your windshield is less than perfect due to chips or cracks, call on Glass Doctor® of Ronkonkoma to immediately fix the pane. You needn’t head to the body shop for auto glass care, trust our qualified team to deliver expert repairs. Our dedicated mobile repair service comes to you, providing prompt, convenient auto glass care. We repair most auto glass in less than an hour and handle your insurance paperwork, too.

Safety First in Auto Glass Care

It may seem a cracked windshield can wait. In truth, even a small crack can obstruct your vision or distract you enough to cause an accident. Your windshield is an integral part of your car’s front end. A weak windshield affects driver and passenger safety in a front-end crash. The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) found the windshield plays a big role in keeping the front end in one piece, providing up to 60% of its strength in a roll-over.

Get Quick, High-Tech Windshield Repair

You should not have to wait to stay safe on the road and, since auto insurance typically provides coverage, we recommend making auto glass repair a priority. Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma makes the process quick and easy for any car model. We’re up-to-date on modern windshield technology that may include antenna reception and climate control. We work according to the highest industry standards, using Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass to replace your windshield and restore a pristine view of the road.

Replacement vs. Repair in Auto Glass Care

Our specialists always opt for windshield repair when safe to do so, saving you time and money. Some of the auto glass in your vehicle is tempered safety glass, however, which must be replaced due to its shatter-safe design. Your passenger window and quarter glass are usually tempered, as is the back windshield and sunroof. Our team replaces these crucial panes, often the same day you make the call to our team.

Guaranteed Auto Glass Repair

You can count on windshield replacement by Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma and we put that in writing. Windshield Protection Plan is free and we offer additional 12-month plans for purchase. Additional or optional services may include labor, new wiper blades and professional glass treatment with Hydrophobic Coating protectant.

When you need auto glass care, get a house call! Call Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma for windshield repair today.