Advance Measurement System

As part of your proactive glass care plan, the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of King of Prussia, PA will ensure you experience speedy professional replacement services in the event of a glass emergency.

More Efficient Emergency Repairs

Our experienced glass specialists will arrive at your business and measure the panes in each of your glass doors, windows and other products. The size of each piece, its location in your facility and any specialty glass information will then be recorded. You will also be provided with a numbered diagram that illustrates the location of each pane.

This proactive glass care replacement plan will enable you to call the specialists at Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA with the corresponding number from your diagram in the event of a glass emergency. Our specialists will match the number on our list to the available in-stock options to see if a replacement is immediately available.

If the glass you need is in stock, we will promptly arrive at your location and replace your broken pane in a single visit, eliminating the need for a board-up. Additionally, when you opt for the Advance Measurement system, you can pre-establish your credit and contact information to expedite the process.

When the glass you need is not in stock, our specialists will quickly order it without the need for additional measurements or information. Then we will remove any dangerous debris from the area and board-up the damaged space to keep your facility safe and secure until your replacement pane arrives.

In-Stock Option

When you have glass in your building that is subjected to frequent damage, our In-Stock option is the perfect solution. We will pre-order your replacement glass and keep it on hand for your next glass emergency.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Convenience: Enjoy uninterrupted business transactions.
  • Savings: Since complete repair and installation can often be done in a single trip, the Advance Measurement system will save you both time and money.
  • Liability: Reduce the risk of injury to your customers and employees.
  • Efficiency: Avoid unnecessary board-ups and multiple service visits.
  • Image: Maintain a favorable business appearance with faster repair.
  • Pre-established credit: With credit information already in the system, you'll avoid billing conflict or unexpected surprises.

Contact Glass Doctor of King of Prussia, PA today to incorporate the Advance Measurement system into your proactive glass care plan.