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National Accounts Program

Here at Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, ON, as one of the more than 250 Glass Doctor locations found throughout Canada and the U.S., we're proud to offer a wide range of residential, auto and commercial glass repair and replacement services. We're also fortunate to be affiliated with such a widespread chain of glass repair outlets that allows customers to obtain needed services that are within easy reach of just about any location, from coast to coast. No matter where you travel within North America, you'll never be too far from a Glass Doctor shop.

National Business Repair Accounts

One huge advantage we offer to commercial clients here at Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, is accessibility to signing up to become one of our many National Accounts. These special accounts are set up for companies having multiple locations, vehicle fleets or both. Regardless of where your current or future business locations exist or where business-operated vehicles are found, any glass repair or replacement services required can be handled by your nearest Glass Doctor service center under one, single national account. National Accounts are ideal for companies looking to increase the efficiency of their glass repair and replacement services while simultaneously obtaining cost discounts plus an impressive list of additional benefits, including:

  • Priority After-Hours Emergency Response: Our specialists are ready to serve you at any time of day or night, 24/7. Our mobile emergency teams will respond immediately to your location to secure broken windows, doors and storefronts. To help expedite the repair process even further, commercial clients can opt to utilize our Advance Measurement system, outlined here, as part of their standing disaster recover plan.
  • Dedicated National Account Manager: We provide one contact point for all your business or vehicle locations. Centralized dispatch and billing and one single toll-free calling number make contacting us as simple as possible. You can also opt to use e-mail for sending any work requests.
  • Real-Time Reporting: We have instant access to all pertinent account information, including all work order requests and invoices.
  • Standard Pricing: Enjoy the same rates for all work ordered, regardless of what particular part of the country a job is located.
  • Volume Discount Pricing: Save an average of 10% to 30% discount off of standard pricing.

Expert, Professional Service 

For more than six decades, Glass Doctor stores across North America have been busy perfecting the techniques and technologies leading to expert glass repair and replacement for homes, vehicles and businesses.

Any work completed here at Glass doctor of Newmarket, ON, that carries a warranty can have that warranty honoured at any of our more than 250 outlets in North America. If you're out of the area and need glass service, one quick call to the toll-free number will get you connected to your nearest Glass Doctor shop.

We're here to help solve your glass needs. Give us a call for further information on our National Accounts.