Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Bozeman, MT

Alter any space and infuse an elegant level of flair and style with dynamic custom glass tabletops and custom shelving. With a variety of unique options, customized glass options from Glass Doctor® of Bozeman are a great way to renew any space.

If you are new to the world of custom glass and glass tabletops, the home decor experts at Glass Doctor of Bozeman will guide you through the entire process. Our consultation experts offer the knowledge and experience to fit and measure new or replacement glass tabletops for your home or office.

During your comprehensive on-site consultation, we cover all of the details, including edge work detail, glass tint and thickness. We also educate you on how to avoid safety issues related to using thicker glass options.

Glass Tabletops Are the Perfect Fit

Custom glass tabletops are the ideal home or business decor solution for coffee tables, writing desks, dining room tables, antique furniture, conference room tables and more. Best of all, glass tabletops are easy to clean and perfect for making your furniture last longer. Ask your Glass Doctor of Bozeman glass specialist for more innovative ideas.

Choose Your Shape, Size and Edges

With custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor of Bozeman, you can instill dynamic edges and various other effects to show off your style truly. Whether you want oval, round, square, rectangle, or any different shape, we specialize in creating dynamic shapes. For the ultimate level of customization, choose from our wide array of finished edges to make your glass tabletop truly your own.

Get Extra Protection

Tinted glass is the best way to block harmful UV rays and protect your furniture in the long run. For poolside pieces, patio tables and other outdoor furniture, we offer several custom measured safety glass options, including laminated and tempered glass to protect your friends and family from glass breakage. Specialty glass is also ideal for shower doors.

All About Custom Shelving

Custom shelving adds the optimum level of function and form to any space in your home or business by transforming the space and reducing clutter.

Custom Shelving Has Visual Appeal

Choose from a wide array of custom shelving styles to change your space from bland to beautiful.

Custom Shelving Offers Function

Our specialists can assist you with designing the perfect custom shelf for any space and help you sort through your many shelving options, including:

  • Height and configuration to reduce wasted space.
  • Design and style to bolster the ambiance of the space.
  • Distances between shelves and the number of shelves to make sure you have sufficient shelf space for all of your belongings.
  • Glass color and tinting options to perfectly match your needs and style.

It's your home or business, and you can use dynamic decor items to effectively accommodate your needs and style. Contact Glass Doctor of Bozeman today to transform your home or office with our custom glass tabletops and custom shelving options.