Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are a great, money-saving addition to any home in Ontario. The two panes create an energy-efficient unit because of the insulating airspace separating them. The space is sealed with an airtight spacer, ultimately insulating your home from heat exchange. It's an ingenious innovation that keeps a family happy and a homeowner's utility budget in check, even in the harshest weather. The performance of these panes can be compromised if the window seals start to leak. Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, ON, specializes in double pane window replacement.

Insulated Glass Benefits

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With single pane windows, occasional fog and condensation are usually unavoidable. They are natural consequences of large temperature differences between outside and inside air. But fog inside a double pane window is a sign of trouble. When you notice it, contact Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, for a quick and easy replacement.

Over time, the seal around the spacer on any double pane window will gradually weaken and outside air will start leaking in and inside air will start leaking out. Though less common on high-grade windows, leaks can occur even in those cases. Because water always forms at the meeting spot between two temperature extremes, foggy windows will always tell the tale of a leak.

Our specialists know just how to handle this replacement, and, fortunately, there's no need to replace your entire window frame. We will simply remove the leaking glass and install new panes, making updates an economical option for your time and budget.

Insulated Glass Replacement

Leaking double pane windows mean your home is not as energy efficient as it should be, and that is a costly problem in terms of both your home’s energy costs and your family’s comfort. Call Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, when you notice water between the panes of your windows. Our team is also trained to find leaks even before condensation becomes noticeable, so schedule your inspection today!

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