Professional Double Pane Window Services for Newmarket

All About Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows, also known as insulated glass units, are made from two or more layers of glass with a space between them to provide an insulating effect. At Glass Doctor of Newmarket, we provide our clients with a variety of double pane windows. 

a male Glass Doctor service professional using a measuring tape to measure a window The difference in the types of windows we provide is the space between the glasses, which might contain a moisture-absorbing substance or argon gas. A super spacer, a non-conductive rubber, or a silicone-foam spacer may also separate the glass. The space between the panes is sealed and airtight. 

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows (IGUs) provide your Newmarket home with various benefits: 

  • Keep warm air inside the home when it's cold outside. 
  • Keep cold air inside when it's warm outside. 
  • Assist with noise reduction so that you can relax peacefully inside the home. 
  • Your home stays at your preferred temperature, so your HVAC system doesn't have to work overtime, which helps with lowering utility bills. 
  • Reduces fog and condensation

Double Pane Windows Replacement

With single pane windows, occasional fog and condensation are usually unavoidable. They are natural consequences of significant temperature differences between outside and inside air. But fog inside a double pane window is an indication of low performance.

Over time, the seal around the spacer on any double pane window will gradually weaken, and outside air will start leaking in, and inside air will start leaking out. Though less common on high-grade windows, leaks can occur even in those cases. Because water constantly forms at the meeting spot between two temperature extremes, foggy windows indicate a leak.

Our specialists know how to handle this replacement; fortunately, replacing your entire window frame is unnecessary. We will remove the leaking glass and install new panes, making updates economical for your time and budget. Contact Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, when you notice it for a quick and easy double pane window replacement.

Learn More About Double Pane Windows

If you don't have insulated windows currently, or if yours are damaged, contact Glass Doctor of Newmarket. We will evaluate your windows and provide an accurate quote for double pane window replacement or new installation. Schedule an appointment online!

FAQs about Double Pane Windows

Can double pane windows be repaired, or must they be replaced entirely?

Repairing or replacing a double pane depends on the extent of the damage done to the window. If the damage is limited to specific areas, then the window may be able to be repaired. However, if a component like the seal is damaged, there must be a full replacement. 

Can double pane windows save energy?

Double pane windows are designed to provide increased insulation. The space between the glass panes assists with reducing heat transfer, and this increases the energy efficiency of your home. Increased energy efficiency can lead to less expensive heating and cooling costs.