Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Newmarket, ON

Every minute that your business is closed during normal business hours, you are losing money. As a part of our emergency business glass service's priority to help you avoid losses, local businesses are encouraged to enroll in Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, ON’s business recovery plan: the Advance Measurement System. Should disaster strike and your glass break, our specialists will be able to repair the panes much faster, helping your company reopen it’s doors quickly. 

How our Business Recovery Plan Works 

As soon as you sign up for our Advance Measurement system, one of our specialists will arrive at your facility to measure all its glass features, including panes in the windows and doors. We will record the dimensions, type of glass and safety glass code requirements, noting everything on a diagram, of which you will receive a copy.

If you suffer any damage, at any hour of the day or night, you simply need to call Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, and tell us the number on the diagram where glass is broken. We will arrive at your business to repair the damaged area immediately.  

If damage at your business are common, you will never need a board-up with our in-stock program. We will keep some extra panes that meet your specifications in stock at all times to ensure that you never have to wait for a repair.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

If you are a member of our Advance Measurement system, the entire installation process is complete in a single visit. This means:

  • Significant monetary and time savings for you.
  • No need for a board-up, allowing you to maintain the aesthetics and professional look of your business.
  • Better security for your company, including a lower risk of theft and vandalism.
  • Reduced risk of customer or employee injury, which could otherwise lead to a liability claim.

Furthermore, our Advance Measurement System allows you to pre-establish credit and contact information, avoiding potential billing conflict.

Opt for a fast, efficient glass repair when you choose our Advance Measure System. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, to schedule an inspection for your business.