Windshield Replacement & Repair in Newmarket, ON

The smallest impacts on a windshield compromise your vehicle’s ability to keep you safe, so Glass Doctor® of Newmarket urges you to seek repair services as soon as possible. Our glass specialists work around your schedule and can generally complete a windshield repair or replacement in about an hour.

Convenient Windshield Repairs

Glass Doctor of Newmarket will always repair a windshield instead of replace it whenever it’s a safe option. Here’s why:

  • Safety: In the right conditions, a repair restores the architectural strength of your vehicle as well as windshield replacement.
  • Convenience: We’ll do the repair at the date and time that suits you best.
  • Save money: Repairs are less expensive than replacements.
  • Environmental friendliness: Most windshield glass ends up in landfills because it’s difficult to recycle. Repairs leave less of a carbon footprint.
  • Insurance coverage: Some auto insurance policies cover the cost of the repair and waive the deductible. If your policy offers this benefit, we’ll handle the claim for you.

Professional Windshield Repair Process

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  • Our auto glass specialists will clean the crack or chip. If necessary, a passageway will be created for the resin using a drill.
  • The specialist injects special resin into the impacted area.
  • The resin cures for the appropriate amount of time.
  • The resin is polished to a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement

While we have a repair-first policy, there are some instances that require a windshield replacement, including:

  • Impact age: If the crack or chip has been in the windshield for a while, you might need a replacement. The older an impact is, the more dirt and debris build up in it, making a successful repair more difficult.
  • Impact location: You will need a replacement if the impact is in your line of sight or if the windshield has a crack along the edge.
  • Impact size: Cracks that are longer than 3 inches and chips that are larger than 3/8 inch warrant a windshield repair.
  • Windshield glass type: Our glass specialists replace windshields made from tempered glass.

If it’s cold outside and you notice a crack or chip in the windshield, avoid using the defrost setting on your vehicle to prevent the impact from getting larger.

Importance of a Windshield Replacement

A crack or chip in your windshield is a bigger deal than you may think. Windshields account for up to 45% of a vehicle’s structural support in a collision and up to 60% in a rollover accident, according to the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC).

When Glass Doctor of Newmarket replaces your windshield, a specialist takes the following steps to re-establish the safety of your vehicle:

  1. Remove the windshield, following Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®), making sure not to damage the paint or bonding surface.
  2. Select a matching windshield that has the same Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) quality.
  3. Install the new windshield using AGSC-approved techniques and adhesives.
  4. Allow the adhesive to cure and form a seal, which takes about an hour.

We backs our windshield replacements with the Windshield Protection Plan. If the new windshield receives damage in the first 12 months following the installation, we will repair or replace it for free. Exclusions and limits apply.

Don’t wait any longer to fix your windshield. Call Glass Doctor of Newmarket today or schedule an appointment online!