Glass Shower Doors & Bathtub Enclosures in Bozeman, MT

Your bathroom is functional space, but good design and quality materials can make it more than a basic bathroom. Glass Doctor® of Bozeman will turn this practical place into your quiet spot, a private hideaway to escape from a hectic workday. Allow us to turn your bathroom into a relaxation Mecca with the addition of beautiful shower doors and accessories.  

The right glass shower doors open up your bathroom and brighten every corner with an infusion of light. You begin your remodeling process when you select the shower door or tub enclosure that gives your bathroom the illuminated look you want. The Glass Doctor of Bozeman Shower Door Gallery showcases a variety of glass options. Choose from a selection of simple glass doors, geometrically shaped enclosures, modern looks and custom styles.

We Walk You Through the Process

Your bathroom glass renovation begins with an in-home consultation with our glass experts. Our glass specialists meet with you to discuss your personal design choices and explain your options.

  • Structure and Support: We determine your bathroom’s wall construction and locate supporting studs. This allows us to calculate the weight-bearing capacity and guide your design choices.
  • Shower Fixtures: We recommend shower fixtures that won’t cause water overspray beyond your new glass shower door or tub enclosure.
  • Calculations: To prevent installation delays, we schedule an expert measurement session for an accurate estimate of costs, materials and installation time.
  • Ventilation: We check your bathroom's ventilation to uncover any issues prior to installation.


Bathroom Improvement

Begin Your Bathroom Transformation

When you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom into something more, Glass Doctor of Bozeman encourages you to explore our Shower Idea Center. Our bathroom remodeling and design ideas will kick your imagination into high gear.

To schedule your comprehensive in-home consultation, fill out an online form or call us at 406-219-0246.