Window Repair & Replacement Services in Newmarket, ON

Glass service is not something a homeowner thinks about often, but every now and then situations arise where window repair or replacement become necessary, and on those occasions your first call should be to Glass Doctor® of Newmarket, ON.

Even if breakage or repair is not needed, it can be very advantageous to upgrade some or all of a home's windows to take advantage of new energy efficiencies modern glass panes provide. Our team offers a full line of all the latest high-tech and decorative glass panes, as well as glass services. 

Window Repair

Emergency Home Window Repair & Replacement Services

When a glass pane shatters, your home's security is instantly compromised. Don't let this incident turn into a high stress situation; call on Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, for window repair and replacement. Our specialists are aware that personal safety is an issue, and will do their best to provide prompt and professional service to restore the building's integrity.

Double Pane Window Repair

If your home has double pane or triple pane windows installed, yet you notice condensation build-up in the window and drafts throughout your home, this is a strong indicator that the seals are damaged and need our specialists' repair service. Failure to address broken seals will increase energy costs and overall discomfort.

Specialty Glass Repair

Not every instance of glass repair or replacement is the run-of-the-mill variety job. Sometimes more unusual glass repair or replacement pops up in the form of broken garage windows, doors and mirrors throughout the home. Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, will handle these special repair and replacement projects; we can custom-cut any piece of glass to suit your needs.

Window Replacement

Sometimes window damage is too severe for a successful repair. In those situations we will replace your damaged window with a suitable replacement model. This is often the ideal time to consider an upgrade to insulated glass units, which, once installed, deliver a handsome return on investment through energy bill reduction.


Double-pane and triple-pane windows are uniquely designed to retain conditioned air inside the home so that heating and cooling systems do not need to work so hard to replace escaped air. Consider adding low-emissivity (Low-E) windows to your home. Low-E windows are coated with a thin, undetectable coating which resists the ultraviolet rays of the sun, protecting interior furnishings from fading or discolouring. 

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant

Another protective service offered by Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, is our hydrophobic glass protectant, which shields windows from stains and scratches, and at the same time discourages pollution and debris accumulation from the many natural sources in the every day environment.


Our tinting service can be applied to your windows to protect carpets, drapes and other interior fabrics from the harsh rays of direct sunlight. Tinting reduces the glare of the sun for occupants, as well. 

Window Component Repair

Sometimes windows become difficult to open when latches rust or friction interferes with sliding mechanisms. These are minor repairs that our specialists can handle at your request. 

Gain the Advantage

Glass Doctor of Newmarket, ON, offers a special Advantage Plan® to every customer. This package provides members savings and priority service options. When purchasing this membership, a client is entitled to discounts on current and future repairs, free home inspections, a window breakage guarantee and priority scheduling of any window repairs or replacements you may require. 

For window repair, replacement or custom glass installation in Ontario, call Glass Doctor of Newmarket. We will schedule an onsite visit to determine exactly how to improve your glass and discuss available options with you.