Door Closer Repair Service in Bozeman, MT

Maintaining the safety, security, and energy-efficiency of your commercial building is an important aspect of ownership. However, maintenance tasks often take a back seat to your more pressing daily responsibilities. Glass Doctor® of Bozeman understands business liabilities. We deliver door closer repair services that keep your building secure and entryway working properly, allowing you to concentrate on your operation.

Door Closer Operation

Industrial and commercial strength doors are designed to provide maximum security with the smallest amount of user inconvenience. The heavily weighted doors are installed using mechanical door closers that leverage the weight, making it easy to swing open. The closer's interior components similarly utilize gears or hydraulics to control the closing speed, creating a smooth motion that allows the door to latch into place. When damage occurs to the closer mechanism, it presents a serious safety threat and possible security breach.

Common Problems

Whether your door has been untreated for years or poorly installed recently, our team will deliver solutions to common door closer problems. Some symptoms include:

  • Inadequate closer for the size, weight or design of the door: Commercial door closers feature weight limits and installation guidelines to ensure safe use. An insufficiently sized closer will require door closer repair frequently, creating a serious safety threat to users.
  • Old, worn out or damaged closers: Door closers that have experienced accidental damage from impact, or those that are simply worn out, may fail unexpectedly.
  • Exposure: When closer mechanisms are exposed to water or moisture, the interior elements are subject to damage. You'll notice fluid leaks, rusty areas or other indicators that point to interior decay.

Our professionals conduct door closer repair service that solves these issues. We deliver preventative maintenance service designed to reduce your capital expense. The workmanship we perform maintains your door closer warranty, extends the life of your door and ensures safe door operation. We provide a reliable solution that keeps your customers and employees safe, and protects your business from negligence liabilities.

Door Closer Repair Indicators

Door closer issues aren't always easy to identify. The problem may not manifest itself in a noticeable way. Plus, monitoring your commercial doors typically isn't a high priority. However, there are a few signs that are easy to spot, and that will let you know when failure is imminent.

  • Sudden noises, creaks, or shuttering during use.
  • Jerky motions when operating the door.
  • Excessive fluid leakage.
  • Poor alignment; the door doesn't close or lock properly.

Our door closer repair service is available as part of your commercial account or as a single service. We process all of your company's insurance forms and offer a variety of payment options for businesses. Contact Glass Doctor of Bozeman to arrange for your door closer repair service today.