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Should I contact my insurance before I call Glass Doctor?

Glass Doctor will contact your insurance for you. Our specialists are comfortable with verifying coverage, filing claims and handling the paperwork.

Will you replace the stickers on my windshield?

When you need to get your windshield replaced we won’t forget to transfer the stickers. However, the law varies from state to state, so our specialists only do this when legally allowed to make the switch.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards.

Do you offer mobile auto glass service?

Every location offers the option of mobile glass replacement at no additional cost to the repair.

What are my local Glass Doctor’s regular business hours?

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday: Varies by location Sunday: Closed This does not include priority and emergency service hours.

What are your shop certification standards?

All Glass Doctor franchises repair windshields to the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) standards for structural integrity with visual clarity. As of Feb. 8, 2010, 157 Glass Doctor franchise locations are registered with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS), which is a stricter voluntary standard.

What is the advance measurement system?

The Glass Doctor Advance Measurement System helps commercial customers prepare for when their glass will break, not if their glass might break. The Glass Doctor specialist determines the types of glass in an apartment complex, hotel, office building, retail establishment or other business. Next, the specialist measures the glass that would be needed in case of breakage. The glass types and measurements are kept on file at the Glass Doctor location. If there is a breakage, the customer simply calls the Glass Doctor franchise, explains which glass needs to be replaced, and the glass is ordered immediately. Advance Measurement saves the time of the initial assessment service call and ensures measurement accuracy. Businesses easily can incorporate Advance Measurement into their disaster recovery strategy plans.

What is the Advantage Plan®?

The Glass Doctor Advantage Plan is an optional fee service for residential glass customers that gives program customers priority when emergencies arise. Advantage Plan members save 15 percent on all future repairs for home and auto. Any glass replaced in the home of an Advantage Plan member is guaranteed against breakage for the term of the membership purchased (this excludes breakage from natural disasters). Advantage Plan members have a personalized file with home glass inspection results. The Advantage Plan is transferable to new home or auto owners upon sale. Commercial glass and damage from acts of God are excluded from the Advantage Plan.

Does Glass Doctor offer emergency service?

Glass Doctor offers emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for both residential and commercial glass services. Emergency service includes boarding up exposed windows and doors after they have been damaged and taking measurements for replacement glass.

Learn more about Home Emergency and Business Emergency Services.

Home Glass

Could I get an estimate for my broken, chipped or cracked window?

We can provide a rough estimate over the phone or online, but the final cost will be determined only after we physically see the damage. There are many ways that damage can affect whether the window needs to be repaired or replaced.

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We are remodeling and would like to have our existing mirror cut down to a smaller size. Can you do that?

We recommend that a new mirror be purchased to fit the space you have available. There is no guarantee that your existing mirror can be taken down or cut without breaking.

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Can you replace just one pane of glass on a double-pane window?

Seldom. Most double or triple pane windows are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment and sealed to keep air or gas trapped between the panes. Once the seal has failed, the water and staining that occurs from condensing and evaporating leaves a hazy film on the glass that cannot be cleaned to perfection.

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Can you make a custom glass tabletop or repair a glass tabletop?

Glass Doctor specializes in creating glass tabletops for your home or business. By scheduling a consultation, our specialists can guide you through the measurement and designing of your custom glass tabletop. Unfortunately, most cracked tabletop glass pieces cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

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Can you fix foggy windows due to condensation between the panes?

No. If you have condensation between panes, the glass unit will need to be replaced. This can usually be accomplished by replacing just the glass and not the whole window.

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Only the bottom section of my window is broken. Do you have to replace the whole window or can you just replace the broken glass?

We specialize in glass replacement. We can, in most cases, replace just the broken glass.

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Do you replace glass sliding door rollers?

Yes. We do replace rollers, if needed.

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What is the Advantage Plan?

The Glass Doctor Advantage Plan is an optional fee service for residential glass customers that gives the user priority when emergencies arise. Members of this plan are provided a discount on future repairs for home glass services during the term of the agreement.

Learn more about the Advantage Plan.

Do you help design custom showers?

Yes. We will schedule a consultation to come out and help design your glass shower enclosure.

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Can I upgrade my entry door to include blinds between the glass?

Yes, in most cases we can replace your existing window in your door.

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Can you install pet doors?

Yes, in most cases we can install pet doors into your existing door.

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Do you replace window screens?

Yes. We do replace window screens.

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Why does my window keep falling down instead of staying up when opened?

In most cases, this is caused by a failed window balance. Contact your local Glass Doctor to get this repaired.

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Auto Glass

Do insurance companies cover the whole cost of a windshield replacement in some states?

Some insurance policies are written with a zero-deductible clause. Some states require the policy to be written this way, but please check with your insurance company.

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How much do windshield repairs or windshield replacements cost?

Prices vary based on make, model and features on your vehicle. Please check with your local Glass Doctor for pricing on your specific make and model of vehicle.

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How long after my windshield is replaced can I drive away?

Most windshields are installed with a urethane adhesive that has a specific curing time. Your vehicle is safe to drive when the adhesive meets manufacturers recommended safe drive time.

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What is your windshield breakage guarantee?

Upon installation of a qualifying windshield, you will receive the Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan which covers unlimited repairs and one replacement windshield within 12 months of the original windshield installation.

Learn more about Windshield Protection Plan.

Will you replace the stickers on my windshield if I have to have a new windshield installed?

The law varies from state to state. Please check with your local Glass Doctor.

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How many windshield chips can you repair?

Technically, there is no limit to how many chip repairs can be done on your windshield, because a repair restores structural integrity. .

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Can a scratch in my windshield be removed?

Depending upon the length and depth of the scratch, yes.

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Can a scratch in my side or back window be removed?

Each scratch must be evaluated individually before we know if the scratch can be removed.

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Business Glass

How do I know if the glass in my commercial building is safety glass?

All safety glass should have a logo in one of the corners that notes the glass is safety glass. There are code requirements for safety glass as well. Consult your local Glass Doctor for those requirements.

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Can you cut tempered glass?

Unfortunately, tempered safety glass, by design, cannot be cut. It is designed to break into small pieces when cut or broken, to reduce the risk of major injuries.

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What is the Advanced Measurement system?

The Glass Doctor Advance Measurement system is a proactive way for you to include glass repair and replacement in your business disaster recovery plans. Our glass service specialists will survey the facility and measure all glass panes in windows, doors and other glass products. Simply call in the exact pane that has been damaged and Glass Doctor will arrive and replace the pane in one visit.

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