Advance Measurement System

When a window is broken in your business, it can cause a variety of problems - including delayed services, safety concerns and decreased revenue. Glass Doctor® of Winchester offers an Advance Measurement program, designed to help your business maintain a steady presence in your community and avoid the need to board up windows and doors while waiting for glass service.  

When you enroll in our Advance Measurement system, our specialists will schedule a time to come to your business location, make a detailed diagram of the facility, numbering each of the glass components (windows and doors), and take precise measurements. Each pane is then recorded on our diagram of your building. 

Faster Emergency Repairs

With the Advance Measurement system, we are able to respond quicker to window repair and replacement emergencies. When you have a broken window or glass door, all you need to do is call Glass Doctor of Winchester and reference the number of the glass pane on the diagram that needs to be serviced. If we have the right glass on hand in our storeroom, we will be able to replace the glass immediately. This creates incredible savings for you in time and money - as well as avoiding the need to board up your building.

Pre-Established Credit Option

When you sign up for Advance Measurement services, you have the option to pre-establish your credit and contact information. This saves even more time during emergency glass replacement.

In-Stock Options

Some windows are subject to frequent breakage - whether because of location, industry or another reason. In these cases, businesses like to add the in-stock option to their plan. We will pre-order the necessary glass to ensure we always have some on hand when it is needed.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Emergency scenarios can wreak havoc on the success of your business - especially when they are followed by boarded up windows and doors. The benefits of being a part of the Advance Measurement system are many, and include:

Financial Savings: Glass installation can be completed in one visit.

Increased Safety: Reduced liability risks related to employee and customer injuries.

Increased Security: Our commercial glass inhibits vandals and thieves from targeting your business.

Increased Curb Appeal: The need to board up windows is decreased or even eliminated to keep your building up and running.

Schedule an appointment with the specialists at Glass Doctor of Winchester; we will help you form the right plan for your specific business needs.