Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Winchester is your one-stop shop for commercial glass repair. Whether you own residential complexes, restaurants, retail shops, hotels or represent a government agency, you can count on our team to create a more stunning and energy efficient storefront for your business. 

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Winchester excels at repairing and replacing windows, patio and sliding doors and mirrors. Residents will appreciate the fast, efficient and professional manner in which specialists perform their work inside and outside of their apartments and condominiums. Residents will also enjoy a 15% discount on all auto glass repairs that take place on your properties. Keeping your complex's glass in good repair entices new residents to sign a lease for your property.

apartment windows


We understand the important role windows, doors and mirrors play in making customers feel at home in restaurants. That's why you are provided with an array of products and services designed to meet your specific needs. Choose to retro fit or install drive-up windows, sneeze guard protection, decorative window panes and sliding glass doors.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities offer unique opportunities to use glass to shape young minds. From the science labs and trophy cases to the mirrors in the living areas, Glass Doctor of Winchester has the products you need to keep students safe, secure and succeeding in their studies. Discuss the various options with a specialist on site.


Using glass to create a welcoming environment for your customers helps enhance your brand. Glass Doctor of Winchester helps retail businesses introduce customers to your business by designing and installing exterior doors and windows. Specialists also highlight your products by creating stunning display cases, custom mirrors and partitions to add vitality and security to your business.

Hotels and Motels

Add touches of class and elegance to your hotels and motels by having our specialists install decorative wall mirrors in your rooms. Create spa-like bathrooms by working with specialists to design and install custom shower doors and mirrors. 

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor of Winchester understands the importance of maximizing tax dollars to serve the public. That's why specialists help cities and municipalities with commercial glass repair and replacement services that are as inexpensive as they are functional. Reduce overhead costs with the installation of insulated glass units or low-emissivity panes.

Your Dedicated Glass Specialists 

No matter your business type, our team will serve you faithfully. Consider joining our Commercial Care program to keep your business' windows safe, secure and looking great, including after-hours emergency response, discounts on services and a dedicated account. Call today for more information about commercial glass repair or to schedule an on-site appointment.