Glass Services

For all your home, business, or auto glass services, rely on Glass Doctorи of Kingman. We will replace your double pane windows with insulated glass units to improve energy-efficiency, reduce noise pollution, and protect furnishings for fading. We are often able to leave frames intact to maintain curb appeal and save you even more money. Updating your home interior is simple and inexpensive with custom glass decor. Our specialists design mirrors, tabletops, shelves and door doors with your personal style in mind. Plus, we will protect your investment with an application of Clear Choice, keeping surfaces safe from scratches and other damage. For auto glass services, including windshield repairs and replacements, our mobile unit is available at any time. If we must make a replacement, only panes matching the original equipment manufacturer's design are used. Trust our team to improve your business' glass. No matter the industry your establishment represents, we will lower overhead costs and improve they beauty of your space. Count on our team for quality glass care.