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Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A custom glass shower door immediately gives your bathroom an updated appearance and complements any style of decor. Glass Doctorи of Kingman offers a wide variety of options, including basic framed shower doors and more elaborate heavy glass enclosures.

Advantages of glass shower doors

Glass shower doors offer the following advantages:

  • Versatility: Choose from framed or frameless shower doors, which are both available in a variety of shapes and other options.
  • Easier to keep clean: A shower curtain quickly becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. A glass shower door is easier to keep clean, especially with our Clear Choice™ glass protectant.
  • Increased light: A shower curtain blocks light and your line of sight, making your bathroom seem smaller and darker. A glass shower door reflects light while making the entire space seem more open.
  • Adds to resale value of your home: Bathrooms are some of the most important areas to home buyers, so an updated glass shower door will increase the value of your home.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Custom frameless glass shower doors are highly desirable to new home buyers. Since they don't have a metal track, they're easier to keep clean and free from corrosion. They also create a more open, seamless look than framed doors and are very easy to customize and match to your existing decor. If you have beautiful tile or hardware you'd like to accentuate, frameless shower doors will show them off without the visual distraction of a frame.

Design Your Dream Shower Space

Our glass shower door experts will guide you every step of the way. We will help you design a dream shower that meets your budget and install the fixture. We'll work with you to consider the following factors as you make your decision:

  • Configuration: We'll check to see what material is used on your walls and locate the supporting studs. This enables us to determine the weight and size of glass that the structure will safely support.
  • Measurements: Our specialists accurately measure your space to make sure that the correct size door is ordered, avoiding delays.
  • Shower heads: Choose a shower head that keeps the spray inside the enclosure, even when the door is open.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is a major concern in bathrooms since moisture can build up and cause damage including mold and mildew. We'll evaluate your ventilation, and if your bathroom needs help in this area, we'll install a glass steam room kit if you'd like.

Brainstorm for ideas as you browse through our Shower Idea Center, and contact Glass Doctor of Kingman today to schedule an appointment. Our specialists will turn your dreams into the reality of an updated, improved bathroom!